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The Politicians Manifesto: "In God We Trust"

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Pivorius 1Pivorius 4The Politicians Manifesto: In God We TrustOne in every five Americans and one in every three under thirty years old consider themselves religiously unaffiliated (Grossman). These numbers should represent our collective congress. Well, that could not be further from the truth. According to The Pew Forum, in 112th congress less than one percent of representatives were religiously unaffiliated. Now that is statistically impossible. Eight states have amendments that prohibits people to hold public office if they do not believe in a god (Friendly Atheist). What about the other 42 states, where all congress non-believers are hiding. Is it morally acceptable for politicians to lie about belief in a deity? Politicians should not lie about their beliefs in a deity if they do not believe in one, because lying to their voting constituents is morally wrong and does hinder a long term goal of changing the negative view of our culture towards non-believers.People vote for an individual, believing that their representative is telling the truth. "Privately, we know that there are 27 members of congress that do not believe in a god" said, Herb Silverman, President of Secular Coalition of America. There are certain situations when public officials should be allowed to withhold information from their constituents, if that information is potentially harmful to the wellbeing of the country. In the case of lying about beliefs in a Supreme Being or god, there is no morally acceptable reason why a congressperson should lie about this subject. In Schlossberger's book A Holistic Approach to Rights, he writes, "One ground of the general right to the truth is active membership in the moral community: active members of the moral community are morally entitled to expect that others will not lie to them" (199). It is safe to say United States is a moral community. Active members that donate money, support, and trust their representatives expect the truth; otherwise those citizens are being deceived. That makes it morally wrong to lie about the belief in a supreme being as a politician. American society should encourage different points of view and politicians should embrace that.There are people in politics that are willing to stand up against the odds and embrace the diverse background. Pete Stark, a Californian democrat congress representative and the only public non-believer in congress said, "I think that most of my colleagues and politicians in general, just play lip service to one god or another" (Edwards). What Stark meant was that many of the politicians pretend to be very religious or religious at all to appeal to their voting base. If this is the case, we cannot trust the person representing us, if he/she is willing to lie to us about their core beliefs.Staying in a closet as a non-believer is not very good for a long term goal of helping society's ignorance on who non-believers actually represent. Non-believers and others defend politicians by...

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