The Polygenesis Theory And Its Effect On Human Ethnic Relations

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As we know, polygenism is a theory that believes that human origins came from different lineages. Co-adamism is one of the branches of Polygenism. Co-adamism is a theory about God created other human besides Adam and Eve at the same time. Co-adamism or often called double-adamism is a theory developed by Henry Home, Lord Kames from Scotland. He began with the languages and the origins of man and then he theorized that the new world was emerged from below the sea.
Kames’s view came after examining the differences in men, and he came with a conclusion that these differences were so great that men could not all be in the same race with others. He saw all the differences in their faces, hair, ...view middle of the document...

He published the book The Natural History of the Human Species in 1848. In his book he mentioned that there were always three fundamentally distinct human types: The Caucasian, the Mongolian and the Negro.
John William Colenso, a theologian and biblical scholar, was also a co-Adamist. Colenso based his view on the monuments and artefacts in Egypt to debunk the monogenist beliefs. The existence of major permanent differences in the shape of the skull, bodily form, colour and physiognomy between the races is difficult to be in line with the biblical monogenesis
Colenso believed that racial differences between the races were so big, that it was impossible that all the races could have come from the same ancestry just a few thousand years ago. He did not believe that climate could change racial variation and he also believed that monogenists had interpreted the Bible wrongly.

1.2 Pre-Adamism
Pre-Adamism is a belief that human exists before Adam. This belief contradicts from the bible and Al-Quran that stated adam as the first human kind on earth. This theory cannot be exactly defined when it was first revealed. The origin of this theory came from Isaac La Peyrère in 1565.
He argued that Epistle to the Romans chapter 5, verse 12-14 should be interpreted: if Adam sinned in a morally meaningful sense there must have been an Adamic law according to which he sinned. If law began with Adam, there must have been a lawless wolrld before adam- containing people. According to him there must have been two creations, first the creation of the gentiles and then that of Adam, who was father of the Jews.
In 18th and 19th century a minority of Christians thought that God had created non-white races separately from Adam, and so they must have descended from pre-adamic creatures due to the white and non-white people that looked superficially different.
John R.W Stott (1921-2011) writes “My acceptance of Adam and Eve as historical is not incompatible with my belief that several forms of pre-adamic ‘hominid’ seem to have existed for thousands of years previously. …It conceivable that God created Adam out of one of them. I think you may even call some of them Homo Sapiens…”
The polygenesis theory has had its...

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