The Popularity Of Advertising Essay

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The Popularity of Advertising

Advertising is increasing so quickly that it has become unavoidable.
Where-ever you go, you can find advertising. For example, it can be
found on Trains, Buses, Buildings, Newspapers, Television and even on
the side of Football pitches. Advertising also uses a lot of methods,
such as Celebrity endorsement, Exotic places, Humour, Catchy slogans
and Sex. Advertising has to be strictly decent, legal and clean. All
adverts have to be checked for this by the Advertising Standards
Authority and the Independent broadcasting Authority. If you watch the
Television any night of the week, you will definitely come across a
great selection of adverts, most of which would be advertising cars. I
will be analysing two Television adverts, a Volvo and a VW.

The Volvo adverts opening frame is of a long shot showing a dark sky
and land. The sky is red and black and the thought of danger and fear
comes to mind. The frame freezes to make the audience acknowledge the
dark sky and wonder what is going to happen next. It builds up a sense
of tension. When you see this frame, you first think that this advert
is going to be advertising something other than a car. It then cuts to
the next scene, which is of face of a man blending into the background
of the dark sky. This effect shows the man is looking at the sky. From
the colour of the sky, you can make out that there is some sort of
storm coming. When you look at the mans face, you can see that he
isn't very happy but also has no fear in his eyes. Again, the camera
cuts to the next scene and this scene is showing a car driving in the
background. At this point you begin to realise the advert is for a
car, but by the way the car is positioned on screen you can not see
what make or model it is. Suddenly out of the silence, a man shouts
out "TWISTER" in horror. The man has a close-up on his face to reveal
that he is scared and doesn't know what to do.

The next scene show people and children running around outside in
great distress, meaning that the twister must be coming for them.
While this is happening, there is a voice- over taking place, which is
giving out information on the twister. The information given out is
quite frightening and would make the audience feel sorry for anybody
who is in it. The camera cuts out to the inside of the car that you
saw earlier in the advert. A voice-over starts and gives out detail on
the specification of the car. The camera smoothly cuts to a scene in
which the car is driving in the direction of the twister. This makes
the audience wonder why the car is doing that. At this point the mood
has got a little quieter but there is still a hint of danger. In the
next scene, the audience is shown a film where the car is driving
through a small village with pieces of tin and corrugated iron roofing

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