The Popularity Of The Hound Of The Baskervilles In Victorian Times

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The Popularity of The Hound of the Baskervilles in Victorian Times

In this essay I will be looking at some of the reasons why ‘the Hound
of the Baskervilles’ was popular with Victorian readers. I will
explain how cliff hangers worked and why the writers used them in most
novels and chapters.

There are many different themes n the story that was quite popular in
the 1901’s when the story was first published. A few of those themes
were designed for the higher majority of Victorians, the themes of
order and chaos together with the confusion of science and religion.

In Arthur Conan Doyle’s stories Sherlock Holmes is the main character
and that particular character’s appealed to a higher society in which
crime was wrong and that the criminals should be punished.

Stories, serialized in magazines such as ‘The Hound of The
Baskervilles’ were very popular in Victorian times, the Victorians
obviously enjoyed the novel as it increased the effect of terror and
mostly suspense such as cliff hangers at the end of chapters. The
novel was so popular that the creators and publishers sold out every
issue and had to keep up with the demand so they made more copies.

The other reason for why this particular book was so popular is
because the Victorians invented ‘gothic’ fiction which suggests that
if they invented it they must enjoy reading it.

‘The Hound of The Baskervilles’ shows the characteristics of gothic
fiction in most chapters in the story by describing the moon for
example, “I saw beyond the trees a broken fringe of rocks and the
long, low curve of the melancholy moon”.

In Victorian times they didn’t have television or any other
audio/visual appliances so they would read more.

So as gothic fiction was very popular then, it sold a lot of copies.

There are lots of different types of gothic settings; we know this
because of these quotes, “A half moon broke through the nights of
racing clouds” and “A deathly silence lay upon the old house”.

Also other novels such as ‘Dracula’ and ‘Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde’ are
two examples of gothic fiction stories written in Victorian...

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