The Pork Industry In North Carolina

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I was in our school’s quiet area about between five or six months ago just relaxing until my class began, so I picked up some magazines like usual do. I’ve already read most of magazines I liked, so I found a new one called Endeavors and I alerted me to a problem that I never thought about before that happens in our very own state. So, before I begin, can I ask how many people know anything about the pork industry? Personally, the problems I’ve seen before on television or other media outlets never involve much talk about North Carolina or maybe it just I’ve grown ignorant to information to the information that I can clearly see presented for in front of me. Either way, the least I can inform you the details of the pork industry and the problems that happen here in our state of North Carolina.
Since North Carolina has such rich, agricultural fields and moderate climate, farming in this state has been very popular. Selling swine was just a part of the farming business, but eventually something changed. The consumer demand for pork products grew by the 1970s and according to the economy websites for North Carolina, by 1980 farms that specially sold swine grew from between 10,000 to 25,000. By 1985, the industry was ranked 7th largest in the whole country for hog production and during the 1990s, the pork industry experience exponential growth in both monetary and production wise. Currently, were ranked 2nd nationally right behind Idaho and to be precise the span of growth, the entire hog population in the state was about 2.6 million in 1988 and by 1997, a little less than a decade, in population grew to over 8 million. If my math is correct that would be more than 600 thousand pig born a year. During the growing times of the industry, many companies that make our brand named products such as Hormel, Tyson, Swift and Premium Standard Farms decided to cash in into the market. Their overall total of control over the industry was at 32% by 1985 and by 2006 went up to 62%. In 1992, The Fortune 500 Company and the world’s top producer for pork products, Smithfield Foods, created the world’s largest meat processing plant in Bladen County.
In the production of pork products there are six stages to do before it can be sold to the public. The first is the research and development to test for health of the hogs, the second is hog farming, the third the processing the meat, then finishing and packaging of the meat, production distribution and finally the retail. There are also six stages in farming process too. This includes breeding, gestation, farrowing (giving birth to litter of piglets), weaning, nursery, and grow finishing, which means to fatten the pigs to be slaughter. Unlike some states in the US, North Carolina participates in all part of this process, with farms and factories all over the state. There are over 500,000 workers at the meat processing plants. There was also a major increase in Latino immigrant workers from between 1993-1997 and...

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