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The Positive And Negative Experiences Of Physical Activity From People With Disabilities

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The purpose of this study was to find out the positive and negative experiences of physical activity from people with disabilities. They used a qualitative approach of research through semi structured interviews with 20 people with disabilities who have personal experience of participating in physical activity. Each interview lasted 70-110 minutes and was audio-taped and transcribed. They chose the participants through a sampling strategy of 6 physical and 6 verbal disabled people, at least 8 males and 8 females, at least 5 from each age group of 18-23, 24-40 and 41-60 years of age and lastly at least 5 from each category of congenital disability, acquired abruptly or gradually. Interviews focused on their negative and positive experience in physical activity. They spoke about what happened and how it had been experienced. Participants’ most positive experiences were being capable and surpassing limits. They mostly spoke about experiences where their abilities stood out rather than their disability. More than 75% of negative experiences originated from physical education from not being included as they could not participate fully, experience of failing as they found the activities harder than others and did not get any help. Lastly experience of not being listened to such as teachers would not listen to them about how they could not participate fully and made them play. This study shows that there are concerns regarding participation in physical education lessons. This is significant as it introduces children to different physical activities and is important in promoting an active lifestyle. By having a sampling strategy they were able to gain different perspectives of experiences from different areas gaining a wider range of knowledge. The study was valid as there were many procedures and methods using data collection and analysing data. They used logs directly after each interview to get immediate thoughts, member checks during interviews, summaries of each interview, which were sent to the participants before any further work for approval to make the research more credible.
The purpose of this study was to look at three frameworks: student mediation, process-product and classroom ecology and use these to gain a greater understanding of physical activity in children with and without disabilities. 13 certified teachers took part in this study between the ages of 25-50. 572 students from 6th-8th grade participated and a total of 23 students with disabilities. After screening the final sample contained 503 students, 22 of them with disabilities. They used survey questionnaires for students’ implementation intentions, electronic pedometers for students’ behaviour and direct observation for teachers’ physical activity promotion behaviour. Results showed half the teachers spent 30% of the time promoting physical activity in class but all teachers promoted physical activity for out of class participation. The average pedometer step count was...

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