The Positive Change In “The First Stone”

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People can change their ways overtime in a positive way. Everyone has experienced change once in their life. Some people have acknowledged change over the course of life in a positive way or a negative way. Throughout the novel “The First Stone” by Don Aker, the main character Reef alters his ways a lot positively. Reef is a teenager who changes his lifestyle and makes a huge impact in his life after he meets Leeza. This novel develops the fact that people can change in a beneficial way, no matter what situation they are in.
Reef develops the ability to care for others throughout the book when he goes to see Jink at the hospital. In this part of the novel, Reef showed deep and true sadness to see his friend in such a vulnerable state. Not only that, but he cared for Scar as she was in a grieving state too with him. “Reef took her hand and squeezed it…. They both tried to force a smile but failed.” (Aker 243)This showed that Reef truly cared for Jink because he couldn’t find a way to smile. When people grieve over something that happened to their close ones, they usually really care for them. Another time Reef showed that he cared, is when he was about to throw the tin can at the greenhouse but didn’t since he worked so hard on it. This supports my thesis because Reef is starting to change as he cares for others and things he had worked on. While a few weeks ago he didn’t care about the consequences he might be receiving from throwing the rock down the overpass. But I am pretty definite that Reef thought for a second about the hard work he had put into renovating the greenhouse because why else would he not throw the tin can?
All the way through the book, Reef’s character begins to follow the concept of rules as he obeys others who are in authority. When Reef wasn’t in North Hills, he did not know the concept of rules as he freely did whatever he wanted to do so. But when Reef comes to North hills, he has to...

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