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Nowadays, technology advancement creates so many things that we never thought. One of the magnificent human made is electronic book which known as e-book. This technology seems to be against their tradition way of reading in human history. E-book according to A new English Dictionary on Historical Principle (1989) is an electronic version of printed book which only can be read and handle by personal computer or a device which is designed from the purpose. While (2000, November 8) defines that e-book is a tradition printed book but in electronic version that can only be read by e-reader. Apart from e-reader such as iLiad, computer and some mobile phones can also be used to read the e-book.E-book can be downloaded easily on the internet. Usually, it takes five minutes or less.
Positive impacts of e-book
According to Sasson (2005), there are many positive impacts of e-book. One of them is environmentally friendly. Compare to printed books which consume a lot of paper pulp which used up many woods, e-books do not required any papers which could save more trees and as well keep the environment to continue green. Furthermore, e-books can also be printed too. For those people who prefer to use traditional way to read books, they can easily print them with home printer or simply to go printing station nearby.
E-books also give benefits to publishers as well. Due to rapid advancement of communication technology nowadays, they can easily distribute through the internet.(Sasson, 2005) We also can get the books easily same as they were distributed. Thus, you do not need to waste up you time by driving your vehicle or searching for buses or taxis only to look up for books. It is very convenient and thrifty as it saves your times as well reduce your monthly budget on petrol. (Rosso, 2009). You can purchase them 24 hours a day every year, from your house or office and even you are on vacation too as long you have a laptop and wireless internet connection.(Sasson, 2005)
“People living in big modernized cities, in a remote village in a faraway country or on a small island, can equally access an e-book. It takes them the same amount of time to purchase and download an e-book, provided they have an Internet connection.” This information is adapted from The benefits and advantages of e- Retrieved Nov. 20, 2010.
E-book also does not have shipping because it is distributed through the internet. (Manuel, 2008) These will cut down the overhead cost, thus make it more affordable which are profitable to publishers. The author can sharegain a lot of money as the books are cheap which allows them to increase their royalties’ bonuses. Refer to the future of textbooks (2006); e-books can help publishers to maintain their copyright of their products. There is an encryption and copy protection which helps publishers to prevent piracy.
Many people do agree that e-books are...

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