The Positive Effects Of Globalization On My Life

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Not only is there a sense of globalisation in the things we watch but also in the way we watch them. For example, digital television has become such a part of everyday life for the majority of UK viewers that many don’t even know they have it. The total number of households in the UK with digital television now stands at 15,715,178. We are now able to watch the same channels as people at the other side of the world, thanks to digital television. We have so much choice that we, at times, don’t know what to do with all of it. It has the availability to hold around 999 channels ranging from BBC channels to children’s cartoon channels, from DIY shows to adult content channels; it is all available to us.
What is also available to us due to digital television is films that have perhaps just finished in the cinema streamed into our own home without having to go down to the video shop or have to spend money in stores. There are channels which are specifically catered for different genres of films for example, if a person likes up and coming film makers and some iconic films Film4 is possibly the best place to look or if they have children and want to watch a traditional Disney movie obviously the Disney Channel is where you should look. But what happens if you want to watch a specific movie this weekend and it isn’t on any channels? Well you can now go online and do one of three things, search to see if your film is online and watch it there, order if off a shopping webpage like Amazon, or you can now rent your film off companies who send the DVD out to you in the post. Sites like let you rent films for a month from £4.99. And when you return it you just have to post it back in the envelope provided. These companies have up to 65,000 DVDs for you to pick from.
This may seem to be a large selection but it is nothing in relation to the availability of music to download now thanks to download pages like iTunes and Napster. The music industry is changing thanks to the boom in digital music. In April 2005 the digital downloads where integrated into the official UK Top 40 Chart. It is now cheaper to buy music and with the immense growth in the sales of mp3 players it seems that this trend will continue. There are some many factors that people discuss to say why they download now instead of buying the actual CDs. For example people argue that it saves time as most people upload their music onto their mp3 players and with download sites you can directly upload it onto them, rather than buying the CD, uploading it onto the computer then uploading it onto your mp3 player. If a person prefers to have a “hard copy" of the music they too can order their CDs off the internet. Another aspect of the internets role in what we listen to is that we are now able to listen to radio...

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