The Positive Effects Of Immigration On The U.S Economy

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“Many people see America as the land of opportunity - the land of milk and honey - the Promised Land. Whether this is true or not, it becomes a matter of personal experience. For many, the move to America may be the best thing they ever did, and these are the people who become successful in their endeavors.” These are people like Turkish immigrant Hamdi Ulukaya who came to the U.S. in order to study and learn English with only $3,000 in his pocket. He came from Ilic, a small town in the region of Anatolia, where his family had tended sheep and made cheese and yogurt. When Hamdi’s father visited he complained about the quality of the feta cheese his son bought and told him he could make better feta himself. As a result in 2002 Hamdi Ulukaya started Euphrates, a company that still continues to make cow’s milk feta and sell it to wholesalers. For Hamdi Setting up a business was difficult to learn but he learned quickly and after only a few years of struggling he had established a small scale operation. In upstate New York where he was living at the time Hamdi saw an ad for an empty old yogurt plant located not too far from his home. In this outdated, old factory, Hamdi saw an opportunity and a profitable business plan and in 2005, he made a courageous decision to take out a loan and buy the rundown 85-year-old yogurt plant that Kraft was selling for several hundred thousand dollars. “For this new venture Hamdi looked to the foods he knew from his childhood.”and decided to create a strained yogurt. Using a U.S. Small Business Administration-backed loan, Hamdi hired five of the former employees from the original operation and started working. Through hard work and perseverance, Hamdi Ulukaya grew the business into one of the world’s most successful yogurt companies. Today, Chobani employs nearly 3,000 people and was able to reach $1 billion in earnings.
Despite the fact that many people drawn to America for all it has to offer. U.S economic growth is at a low 2%, the public debt is $16 trillion and climbing, and job creation and labor market participation (the percentage of working age people between 16-65 years old who are either working or searching for work.) remains low. Allowing more legal immigrants in this Country would dramatically improve this situation. Immigration has a positive Economic Impact on the U.S as a whole because of its contributions to the workforce, entrepreneurial activity, and long term fiscal effects.
Immigrants are a critical part of the U.S workforce and contribute to its overall productivity growth, and advancement. Without immigration our workforce would begin to shrink in 20 years. because Immigration increases the size our workforce. It also changes the supplies of skilled and unskilled workers due to the different skills, job preferences, and levels of education immigrants possess. The different productive skills that immigrants possess complement native born workers and rather than competing against them for the...

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