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The Positive Effects Of Music On The Mind And Body

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What can improve students’ grades, mood, and socialization? That’s right, music. It has amazing effects on the mind and body. I propose that Southwestern Wisconsin School District needs to make music a required credit. Studies have shown that playing/singing music or even listening to music can have wondrous outcomes. One outcome is that it improves mathematical skills, communication skills, and creativity. It also has intriguing health benefits like stress relief, motivational exercising, and even could be used as a supplement to a drug. Music can change and even make your personality. It also helps you develop socially and get along as a society. There are many reasons that music can be valuable to our high school students.
You would never think that music has lots of health advantages but it does. Who doesn’t want to stay healthy? Music is extraordinarily easy to listen too and play. Today’s society is extremely stressful and frustrating. We tend to get caught up on the negatives in our day. “A recent survey involves people that are about to undergo surgery were prescribed to listen to music or anti-anxiety drugs. Then the surveyors tracked their anxiety levels. The results were that the people that were prescribed music had less anxiety than the drug prescribed patients” (Landau). It’s amazing what music can do. Whenever I feel sad or down in the dumps I almost always listen to music. It cheers me up. Another great health benefit is that it can help you exercise and with your motor skills. “Playing a musical instrument activates the motor cortex, premotor cortex, frontal cortex, and auditory cortex. These areas of the brain are essential for movement. Also different BPM’s (beats per minute) can motivate us to perform better during exercises” (Cooper). Those two reasons are just a few great health benefits of the many out there for making and playing music.
Do you ever feel nervous when public speaking or a bit anxious around other people? I know I do. When you join band/choir it can be nerving at first. After a week or so you start to connect with people and do stuff as a whole. When singing or playing an instrument with someone you have to communicate. Music is whole group opportunity. “Playing an instrument requires you to work with others to make music” (Matthews). Some kids in school can be distant unconnected or people have their own little groups. If everyone had joined band or choir those groups would communicate more often. This means less bullying and social anxiety. “Playing a musical instrument or singing can be self-rewarding. When you hear...

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