The Positive Impacts Of The Crusades In Europe Essay

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The Crusade refers to expeditions of holy wars carried out between 1096 and 1296 CE. This began with the Christians in Europe, trying to recapture the holy places from the Muslims. The crusades were generally unsuccessful but resulted in enormous positive changes in Europe.
The influence of the crusade had a startling effect on medieval food. Kings, Knights, Lords, and other crusaders had travelled 3000 miles to reach the holy land. During their travels they discovered exotic foods by the different cultures. These new ideas of medieval food was brought back by the European crusades and new foods and spices were introduced to the European menu such as apricots, rice, pepper, ginger, sugar, coffee and many more. When the crusaders went back to Europe they returned with mirrors, cotton cloth, carpets, and mattresses. Games like chess were also brought back, and medieval European farmers were glad to learn how to irrigate or water their fields in a better way. The Muslim doctor, Avicenna, had written down all the ideas of the roman and Greek doctors and added his own knowledge, and because of the crusade this allows the Europeans to find out how blood circulated in our body and because of that, their economy became stronger than before.
The feudal system had been disintegrated because of the crusade. The nobles and kings had gone to travel for the holy wars, many of...

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