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The Positive Life Long Impacts Of Music

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Nearly everyone appreciates music, whether he or she is listening to it, or creating music. However, creating music is more than just someone’s voice or their hands playing an instrument. Despite how universal music may be, schools are still trying to get rid of music education programs. A child learning about music is learning to use multiple skill sets, often all at the same time. Music education prepares students for learning by helping the development of their basic skills and capacities. In addition, many students find music to be an enjoyable and relaxing class. Music education can influence learning in many different ways through an adolescent’s life.
One way that music is a positive part of a child’s education, is that it can be linked with student achievements (Southgate). Research shows that the brain of a musician works in a different way than that of a non-musician. When you are a musician or you are playing an instrument, you have to be using more of your brain than the average person is (Southgate). The musician uses different parts, parts that would have never been touched without having music as a part of his or her life. The students who received music education had improved sound intolerance and fine motor tasks (Abril). Research has also found a connection between musical abilities and spars intelligence (Southgate). This means that understanding music can help children imagine different elements that should go together, as they would do when solving math problems (Southgate). While these music lessons are helping adolescents had better understand their homework, the music education is also helping improve their overall test scores (Southgate).
Even though there are some people, such as certain individuals within the administration, that believe music does not help overall test taking. In the article Teacher Perspectives on No Child Left Behind and Arts Education: A Case Study, a teacher stated, “If our math test scores don’t go up, we are going to lose more time in music. They told [us] that at a music meeting. So that tells me right there that math is really important for one reason or another, and it’s the scores that drive it a lot” (Sophn). Even though the teacher is making a good point, they are many individuals who would disagree to that statement. Researchers have attempted to explain the importance of music for academic development by focusing on a range of cognitive and social-developmental outcomes (Southgate). “Studies of the structured neuronal model of the cortex (Shaw and Brothers, 1989; Leng and Shaw, 1991) encouraged social scientists to discover that certain music
positively affects the spatial-temporal scores of listeners during exams—
something often referred to as the ‘‘Mozart effect’’ (Rauscher, Shaw, and Ky,
1993)” (Southgate). As music plays, and the human mind begins to use a mixture of sections, test taking becomes less stressful and possibly even enjoyable. Being a student now or ever being...

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