The Positive Short Term And Long Term Affects Of Smaller Class Sizes On Students

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The Positive Short-term and Long-term Affects of Smaller Class Sizes on Students

The size of a class has had or will have a larger affect on a person’s life than most people know and affect more aspects than are visible to the human eye. A large percent of the human population will go through or has gone through, a type of schooling. The size of classes in school affects more than just a student. The faculty has to deal with size too, for example if a classroom can’t fit enough students in one class, another teacher may have to give up their room during their break time to lend the room to another teacher. There is a demand for teachers in the work force and with a more difficult working environment; it could turn people off from that profession. In my high school, we had teachers who were referred to as “floaters” because they didn’t have a classroom of their own and had to keep all their belongings on a cart and push it into a designated room for their next class as a result of overpopulation. Too large of a class also affects the teacher because with more students, the chances of students misbehaving are increased. A large classroom is not horrible, but is not as effective or as useful as a smaller class size. There are many short-term and long-term positive affects of small class sizes.

The positive affects of small class sizes on students can differ. A huge factor is that a small class size means more attention from the teacher or professor. It also allows for more interaction with other students. Participation is usually a key factor in a class and connects with the grading so smaller classes allow a higher level of communication in the class. Small class size has influenced me personally in many different ways. I feel that a smaller class helps me learn more because I am more involved in class, and I am forced to participate because of the lack of students in a class in a class room. Participation is important because it helps you learn and grasp the different concepts being discussed. I also personally feel that a smaller class size really helps relationships between students, outside and inside of the classroom. When you’re in the class, you feel more comfortable raising your hand with a dumb question or a wrong answer than you would in a huge class with strangers. I feel that the small class room helped me shape who I am today because I made so many friends, throughout my years of schooling in my small classes, that are in different groups of friends and it allowed me to form relationships with people that are everlasting.

The more students in a class, the less productive the time is in my opinion. If a class is consumed of more than the average class, the teacher will be less likely to know everyone by their name and even more important by their character. I feel a personal relationship between the teacher and each student is vital. It’s easier on both parts. Throughout the many years I attended school,...

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