The Positives Of A "Buy Nothing Day" Ap English Argumentative Essay

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Amy Nguyen
AP English & Composition
Period 4
Q3 Buy Nothing Day Revision
Everyday people are urged to go to the store to buy goods to satisfy their daily needs. In Canada,
the first “Buy Nothing Day” was organized in 1992 to increase awareness of excessive consumerism and
since then, the holiday “Buy Nothing Day” has been held yearly in many nations. Although many believe
that this “24-hour consumer detox” is a chance to “expose the environmental and ethical consequences of
overconsumption,” they fail to acknowledge the fact that this holiday is a potential threat to the economy.
Overconsumption is well-known to be one of the main problems in our country, which is one of
the reasons why this holiday was pushed to be organized in 1992 by our fellow Canadians. But many fail
to realize that having one day of “buying nothing” would not help to fully resolve the problem of
excessive consumerism in our country. Instead of establishing this yearly holiday, people should actually
get out and be physically and emotionally interacting with people to get them to realize the consequences
of overconsumption. Because there is little restrictions made upon the people to follow this “Buy Nothing
Day”, not everyone would be interested in bothering to attend this holiday.
One single day to have no goods purchased would not help the economy because this one day can
cause several of businesses to go through economic pressure. Every single day thousands of people go to
Target, Walmart, Walgreens, and Costco because they are known as the “go-to stores” for daily
necessities. If those thousands of people were to strictly follow this day and not go to these stores, it
would make a big drop for our economy because what these people pay for is what keeps the companies
going everyday. Those who side with this holiday should realize that instead of expecting
Cambaliza 2
one day to fix the problem with overconsumption, we should start off with little steps to get more people
to open up their eyes and see the consequences it actually causes.
The establishment of an annual “Buy Nothing Day” is not a bad idea for our nations to have
yearly, but we should really reconsider...

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