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The Positivity Of Family Essay

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An anchor can be referred to as an object that holds a ship in place or an idea that a person clings to for personal stability. In this case, the figurative sense of an anchor can be used to describe the importance of relationships in keeping Victor Frankenstein grounded. His family acts as a reality check when he allows his task at the moment to consume him too much. Throughout the novel, the presence of Victor’s family has led him to be a better person, as seen when he goes off to university, comes back home, and when his loved ones die.
In the beginning of the novel, while Victor is surrounded by his family, he is shown as a man with innocent dreams of attending a university, and broadening his intellectual horizons. In a sense, he lived a sheltered life, always surrounded by his family or good friend, Henry Clerval, who is practically a family member to him. Victor abandons his safe haven and companions for an isolated life at the University of Ingolstadt. Victor immerses himself in his work and slowly but surely, his studies become his only occupation (Shelley 35). Eventually, his thirst for knowledge can no longer be quenched by studying natural philosophy, a subject he masters. Therefore, his desire to learn shifts to the task of playing God, and animating a perfect being far superior to average human beings (36-38). Effectively, he forgets his original dreams, his family and friends, and essentially who he really is. Victor’s actions during this period of clouded judgment at university, lead to his ultimate downfall. Without the guidance of his family, Victor loses sight of his originally benevolent goals, and allows his radical ambitions to control his actions.
Eventually, when Victor returns home after agreeing to his creature’s demands for a mate, his father takes notice of a favorable change in his son. His health has improved greatly and his spirits have risen exponentially (129). Although Victor has experienced traumatic events such as the death of his younger brother at the hands of his creation, he is still able to...

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