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The two videos that I like the most from this class was the ted talk name “America’s native prisoners of war” by Aaron Huey, and the documentary “When Your Hands are tied” by Mia Boccella and Marley Shebala. These two videos brought my attention because in the first video which is the ted talk the author of the video is an outsider of the society that he is trying to represent he did not go through the experience that the native people that he is trying to defend went through. In the documentary when your hands are tied this is a little bit more personal I think because this is a documentary where people from the tribe and people that went through all this obstacles are trying to heal themselves.
In the ted talk “Americas native prisoners of war” by Aaron Huey this ted talk he begins by saying that at the beginning of this project it was very difficult for him because of his skin color which is white he say that the Lakota people would call him wasichu is a Lakota word that means not Indian but it has another definition which is the ones who takes the best meat for himself. In this video he talks about the unfairness and the treaties that were broken by the Americans. He talks about the false promises that the American people made to the native Indians when they were trying to buy their land. He is goes into detail on how the chief of the tribes were told that if they don’t sign the treaties that are been presented in front of them than their tribe will not have food. He also says why the American Government broke the treaties that they made with the native people because they found a lot of gold in the Lakota territory and they wanted to take over so they can have money and power. I find this a very dirty move because if you are going to sign a treaty you cannot make a person sign them they have to check and verify that everything that they are going to sign is going to benefit them and their tribe but that how the government will put pressure on them so they just sign and then broke that treaty. The author gives this ted talk because he wanted people to know about this issue of the Native Americans and how much poverty there is around them. This video was meant to be informative to others and since he is white everybody is going to be listening to him is easier for him to get attention that for a person from a minority group to make this talk and be heard. Many Native people feel that he shouldn’t been the one representing them because he has the same color that the people that kill many innocent people in the massacre at wounded knee. In the massacre soldiers would ask Indians people “do you want to be Indian now” with gun in hand. After the American soldier killed all these innocent people they were rewarded with medals of Honor. I believe that this is happening right in the twenty first century with police officers that take advantage of the power that they have and do things that they shouldn’t do like beat people up just because they are...

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