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The Possession Of People And Their Downfall

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Bear Grylls says that “a man's pride can be his downfall, and he needs to learn when to turn to others for support and guidance”. People possess flaws that are not always obvious and similarly do animals. For instance, the Dodo species is a heavy and slow running bird that becomes extinct because of its flaw of not being a fast runner, thus emphasizing the fact that survival of a species depends on its abilities. Similarly, character flaws influence in Francis Scott Fitzgerald novel The Great Gatsby that Jay Gatsby’s immaturity and the sacrificing mentality, Myrtle Wilson’s greediness and Gatsby’s wealth eventually lead to their downfall.
Firstly, Gatsby’s immaturity causes him to lose Daisy. Tom, Daisy’s husband, knows that she regularly visits Gatsby, but he does not get to know their affair. Thus, Tom provokes Gatsby to say, “your wife doesn’t love you, she [has] never loved you. She loves me” (Fitzgerald 130). Daisy tries to prevent Gatsby from revealing their relationship to Tom, but she fails. This disappoints Daisy and makes her lose faith in Gatsby. Thus, she replies Tom “how could I love him?” (Fitzgerald 132). Gatsby becomes shocked by this incident because he realizes that his childish action has made him lose Daisy. Gatsby should have realized that Tom’s provocation is an attempt to separate him from Daisy. This in turn causes Daisy to side with Tom, revealing how Gatsby’s immaturity leads to his downfall. Furthermore, despite Daisy’s action Gatsby still does not give up his love for her and after the conversation between who does Daisy loves the most, Tom sends Daisy and Gatsby back to Long Island in Gatsby’s yellow car. When they reach the Valley of Ashes, Myrtle runs over their car and dies instantly. Meanwhile Nick, Tom and Jordan arrive on the spot later and Nick who has a clear view of Myrtle’s tragic death, asks Gatsby “was Daisy driving?”. Gatsby responds “yes, but of course [he]’ll say [he] was” (Fitzgerald 143). Gatsby’s confession reveals that he is sacrificing his life to save Daisy’s, which at last ends in his death. Gatsby should have told George Wilson the truth, so he could have avoided being murdered. Instead Gatsby decides to lie since he values Daisy’s life more than his own. Unquestionably, Gatsby’s immaturity and the mentality to sacrifice his life result in his downfall.
Besides Gatsby, Myrtle’s greediness results in her downfall. Myrtle is George Wilson’s wife; a middle-class man lives with the income from his garage in the Valley of Ashes. Myrtle is not happy with Wilson after realizing that her husband has “borrowed somebody’s best suit to marr[y] [her]” (Fitzgerald 35). This makes Myrtle conclude that her husband is not wealthy. Thus, she starts a relationship with Tom who gives her anything she asks. When Myrtle asks Tom “to get one for the apartment,” instantly Tom gives Myrtle enough money and asks her to “go and buy ten more dogs with it” (Fitzgerald 27-28). Myrtle is greedy because...

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