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The Possibility Of Evil Essay

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The Possibility of Evil
Character Sketch –Miss Adela Strangeworth
“The greatest deception men suffer is from their own opinion.” We all have opinions on things that are not an actual reflection of the reality. We have opinions that are different than what is real. Miss Adela Strangeworth is a 71-year old woman with blue eyes and pretty little dimples. She lives in an ancestral house where her parents and grandparents lived. She often thought that the town belonged to her since her grandfather built the first house on the Pleasant Street. She knew everyone in the town and was highly respected. Also, she was very famous for her roses that were planted around her house, but she never gave any of her roses away. Through her personal and physical appearance, she can be described as a very nice and loving woman.
Miss Adela Strangeworth appears to be a very elderly and innocent woman. She always greets everyone with a warm smile. On her way to the grocery store, she always stops and greets ...view middle of the document...

Later, she met Mrs. Crane and stopped to smile down at her baby and they talked about Mrs. Crane’s baby’s behaviour. She voices her rude and harsh thoughts to herself. She was a very deceptive and cunning woman. She doesn’t lie to people, but her harsh honestly eventually results in people disliking her. Adela Strangeworth has two different personalities. To the people in her town, she appeared to be very nice and caring. However, she was very rude and bitter.
Miss Strangeworth expressed her personal thoughts to the townspeople by writing them personal letters because she thought she was trying to eliminate “the possibility of evil”. She didn’t think of herself as an evil person because she thought it was meaningful and she was doing this to get rid of the evil lurking in her town. She writes mean letters to Mrs. Foster, Mrs. Crane and Mrs. Harper to cause worry and grief, and yet, she doesn’t find anything wrong with it. She was unhappy with the way people acted in her town. So, she decided to write them hurtful letters to reduce the possibility of evil. She addressed a blue envelope to Mrs. Foster that talked about the possible complications that could occur during her surgery. To Mrs. Crane, she talked about her child’s disability “Did you ever see an idiot child before?” and finally, to Mrs. Harper she writes about her husband’s affair, “Is the wife really the last one to know?” The truth about her real character is revealed in the end of the story when the town people got rid of her roses and she still didn’t recognize her mistakes, instead she blamed everything on the town people.” She began to cry silently at the wickedness of the world.” Miss Strangeworth thought that her punishment was completely unnecessary. She cherished her roses because they were passed down from her ancestors which made her feel really proud. She felt no guilt because she thought she fulfilled her duty by sending the letters. She doesn’t cry for her mistakes, she cried because of “the wickedness of the world.” The town people destroyed her roses because they were giving back the evil that she spread by writing the mean letters. “The trouble with lying and deceiving is that their efficiency depends on the truth that the deceiver wishes to hide."

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