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The Possibility Of Time Travel, And Its Components.

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When one talks about time travel, it is automatically assumed that it is a machine that can go anywhere in time and space, just like Doctor Who, but that is not completely true when it comes to Einstein's Special relativity. The Gale Encyclopedia of Science of Special theory of Relativity states that, “Einstein’s Special relativity states the way in which an observer's experience of time and space is interrelated” (VAN TILL, Howard: Relativity, Special Theory of). This means that an observer’s experience of time and space is connected in different ways. In broader terms Special relativity talks about motion in time and space. People who are opposed to time travel say that it is not possible for a single photon to travel at the speed of light, which in their aspect is necessary for time travel. Another reason why people think time travel is implausible because scientists don’t have technology to travel at the speed of light. However, scientists are working on the ability to travel at such speeds. Time travel is feasible because of Einstein's Special relativity, which includes the theory itself, the speed of light, as well as motion and perspective.
Time travel is more multifarious to understand than the ones in the shows. For example there are beyond plenty of factors for time travel to be prevented by the laws of physics such as gravitational pull. Gravitational Pull itself slows any speed of an object. In illustration, if a two space ships were traveling toward a black hole and spaceship A went into it while spaceship B stayed back, spaceship B would see that spaceship A is stuck in the in front of it and not moving. The reason why this happens is because gravity is so strong at the center of the black hole time practically stops. Not even light can escape the tenacious gravity of a black hole. That factor is another reason why people say time travel is not an option when it comes to time travel.
The idea of Special relativity comes from work of the mastermind of Albert Einstein. His theory embodies the thought of speed in its perspective of observers. According to Fox News “Time travel into the future is physically possible: Einstein's theory of Special relativity predicts that the time between two events is slower for faster-moving objects. This has been experimentally proven by measuring clocks on commercial planes.” The same can be said for this example, if one person was driving towards the second person, the second person would believe that it the car is going faster. But once the second person looks behind as the first person drives past, the second person would apprehend that the first person is going slower than when he was driving towards. This conception is a major part for the possibility of time travel.
The speed of light is important in terms of Time travel. For example, when a star that is two hundred seventy million light years away has died and a person saw the star go out at night, the person would believe that the star died...

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