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The Potential Harm Of Today's Portable Electronics

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Cell phones and other portable electronics are here to stay, becoming more advanced and impressive each day. The way people live and interact with others on a day to day basis is changing thanks to portable electronics, such as cell phones. Portable electronics, however, should be used responsibly, for portable electronics may be just as dangerous as helpful; for instance, one’s behavioral development may become prolonged or poor; one’s mental and physical health may suffer or deteriorate; one’s social skills may become ineffective or weak; and one’s field and sense of surroundings may become impaired. Portable electronic devices may be helpful in society, however, should be used in moderation because if overused can negatively harm and impact the lives of many.
Heavy portable electronic use—among children specifically—can create behavioral problems if overused. Growing up children develop many life skills in their early lives for instance, learning to communicate and interact with others, but the most important life skill a child can learn is how to overcome issues of behavior that may involve feelings of sadness or anger. Developing behaviorally to overcome problems that revolve around sadness and anger, however, may be prolonged among children due to overconsumption of digital technology. Juju Chang, reporter for the American Broadcasting Company, went out to interview Tovah Klein, a professional of “…toddler’s social and emotional development” (Chang). In Chang’s interview, Klein clearly noted, “…the more you use a device to calm your kids down, the less likely they are to learn to do it themselves. It’s OK to get upset….[they will] get through it” (Chang). Digital technology should not be used as an occupier because children will not develop strong behavior to overcome problems with sadness or anger. If children are constantly “…pacified…” with portable electronics, children lose experiences of handling situations that may involve overcoming sadness or anger (Chang). Children need to experience some situations, such as feeling down or being upset about something, without technology, so that children can ultimately exercise their behavioral development instead of numbing away his or her behavior due to the overuse of portable electronics. Children need to be able to address their behavior and go through the process of overcoming sadness or anger from time to time because the process is apart of life. When children use portable electronics on occasion it is not a problem, but when constantly occupied with cell phones, iPads, or other electronics children are quietly losing out on life experiences in overcoming situations that require behavioral development. As one can see, portable electronics need to be used in moderation to advance the development of children’s behavior and to prevent negative impacts on the lives of growing children. Portable electronics do not only harm the developing behaviors of children, but can also cause harm to...

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