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The Possible Good And Harmful Effects Of Emotional Labour

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Emotional Labour
Executive Summary
This work has been made in order to review the nature and impact that emotional labour brings to the lives of the employees working with fast-paced customer service industries. In particular, this paper tackles both the possible good and harmful effects of emotional labour. In connection, this writing has determined what fast-paced customer service industry is all about. Likewise, this paper also describes how likely fast-paced customer service industries incorporate emotional labour to its system. Moreover, this work has discussed the responsibilities that employees, employer and the organization may possess in order to address this issue in the work field.
When people are placed in a provoking situation, their tendency to tolerate, hide, or express their reaction to such event is within their control and decision. In fast-paced industries, wherein the tough things are foreseen or expected, employees, in a way, are expected to deliberately pose an instant or delayed reaction depending on the gravity of the situation being presented at the moment. At the scope of this kind of business, the alarm for deadlines rings without signal or even less expected. The driving force and pressure to do the work as fast as one could imagine is evident, and the emotional adjustment within the employees are seemingly at stake.
Literature Review
According Hochschild (1983), emotional labour exists when people at a given circumstance tend to customise their observable traits to correspond for the established set of standards by work, society and other people. She added that people may pose either the existing feeling or the expected feeling. In particular, those people who are expressing out other than what they are really being felt are those compromising their emotion to come up with the expected feeling. On the contrary, those who are posing what they have been really feeling at the moment their sensitivity is stirred, are showing their existing feeling whether current or history-based.
Ashforth and Lee (1990) also added that emotional labour aids in making the job efficient, work less supervised and conflict with other people less possible. However, Wharton and Erickson (1993) emphasise that the limitation being imposed by the management on how to handle the feelings of their employees. It is so in order to synchronise the demand of their job descriptions, which has also put a limit, naturally, as a response by the employee in a situation within the work field. On a scientific note, Schaubroeck and Jones (2000) have highlighted the evidence-based results that lead to risky health conditions by those employees whose emotional capacity has been guarded and secured. In lieu with this, Burke (1991) has stated that those employees who are unsuccessful in attaining their job description at work have a tendency to downgrade themselves to the lowest level and in worst case scenario---may lead to suicidal attempts.

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