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The Poster Wars America was created by a group of men who knew one important and significant fact, that they did not know everything. They built the country using a piece of paper, a contract, which allowed the country to change. Too many people have paid for this contract in blood to justify the means of its death through something like propaganda. War, itself, is filled with propaganda. People have fought for propaganda as much as they have fought against it. If propaganda is just the result of a "one-sided communication designed to influence people's thinking and actions," then the contract every citizen has with this country is as well. With the constitution in question, which represents everything this country was built on should we not question our country too. This is the reason that our founding fathers made the constitution alterable. As such, war propaganda should be questioned.Propaganda takes an action or opinion and makes it seem reasonable, implies that it is moral and just, and instills a pleasant feeling in those who choose to believe it. Wars are fought over propaganda because war without supporters is futile. If the majority of the country does not support the idea of the leader then the people won't support the country, which is fighting for the issue.One of the major necessities of leadership is to obtain the trust of the people under them. The most effective way to gain the publics trust is to advertise news that the audience knows as fact or that they will later find out as true. During World War II (1939-1945), the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) made broadcasts of propaganda to Europe. The BBC was given a reputation of being truthful by making each initial broadcast of British losses and defeats. Another method of gaining people's trust is to agree with their own existing positions. If the writer or speakers ideas are similar to that of the people they are speaking to, the people tend to trust them better. In conclusion, propaganda is most successful if it agrees with what the majority of the people believe and if it is only a little bit of what they don't.Propaganda must be understandable to its projected group, while also holding a permanent place in their minds. Propaganda uses psychological conditioning to make his or her ideas appeal to everyone. Propagandists usually come up with catch phrases. People easily forget things and if an idea is repeated to them it is more likely that it will be remembered. Adolf Hitler wrote, "The intelligence of the masses is small. Their forgetfulness is great. They must be told the same thing a thousand times." On August 28, 2001 the Lithuanian cocker federation apologized for the anti-Semitic Nazi slogan chants slurred by the fans to the visiting Israeli team. Among the slogans used was, Juden Raus or Jew Out and Work will set you free. Nazi slogans have been remembered for over fifty-six years. By psychologically conditioning the German people Adolf Hitler, a former soldier...

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