"The Postman" Is A Film Directed By Kevin Costner And Starred By He Himself. This Review Is Complete With Character Analysis And Summary.

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THE POSTMANDirector: Kevin CostnerScreenwriter: Eric RothCharacters:The Postman.................................KEVIN COSTNERHe is a drifter who earns his meals and shelter by performing Shakespeare for the few who've managed to survive and have formed their own townships.Bethlehem....................................WILL PATTONBethlehem is a classic historic figure, the brutal conqueror. He has a complex character with inner contradictions and a personality that emerges over time.Ford Lincoln Mercury.............................LARENZ TATEHe is a young survivor who is inspired to acts of tremendous bravery because of his belief, through the Postman, in a restored U.S. government and the future it implies. Through his allegiance with The Postman, he finds a purpose in his own life...Abby....................................OLIVIA WILLIAMSShe is a very strong person, unsentimental and tough, but with the capacity to love passionately at the same time. Her inner strength and self-possession intrigue The Postman and draw him toward a friendship with her.Idaho....................................JAMES RUSSOIdaho aids Bethlehem in his domination of the settlers. He seems to revel in the repressive violence of the new regime. He is someone the audience could love to hate!Mayor.........................................TOM PETTYHe is the mayor of the Bridge City who led the people ever since the destruction took place.SettingIn a post apocalyptic, totally anarchic America, circa 2013StoryThe year is 2013. There is no order. There is no peace. There are no roads, no telephones. America has been turned into a wasteland of separated communities minus a national government. A war has destroyed the country, leaving its survivors struggling to make their lives in isolated towns lacking any means of communication.An army of warriors called the HOLNISTS, led by a Hitler-like dictator, General Bethlehem, is determined to keep the people apart and their spirits empty so that the Holnists can continue their reign of terror. They torture and kill anyone who gets in their way.A lone drifter travelling through the wild territory discovers a rusted out U.S. Mail carrier's jeep. He takes the jacket and uniform from the skeletal remains to stay warm. The idea comes to him that the uniform might be his next meal ticket, and hoping it will make it easier for him to get shelter from the townspeople nearby, he dons the uniform and presents himself as The Postman. He tells stories to bolster his "part", even goes so far as to say that there is a "new restored United States of America'. To the people he encounters, The Postman and the letters he carries serve as a reminder of the way they once lived their lives. Slowly a new spirit begins to take hold in their hearts. The mail he carries has become a symbol of hope, order and a reconnection with the places and loved ones of...

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