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The Effectiveness Of Communication Depends On A Multitude Of Inextricably Linked Factors Which Are Either Dependent Or Independent Of The Sender. Discuss

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Communication is a process that involves the exchange of information, ideas and emotions. This process involves the sender encoding a message and sends it via a channel of communication to the receiver who then decodes the message, processes it and then sends an appropriate reply via the same communication channel. In this process, effective communication may be understood as occurring when the intended meaning of the sender and the perceived meaning of the receiver are the same.

Effectiveness of communication is important as people interact to achieve personal goals. In this matter, if communication has not been effective, it is obvious that there will be no appropriate reply face to the message sent by the sender. It is believe that poor communication is the main cause which leads to any kind of failures in any circumstances. Both the sender and the receiver in a communication process are affected by the communication method used, as a wrong delivery of message may lead to a wrong interpretation by the receiver. This is because in every communication process, the critical part of communication is the information, which is affected by several factors which may be either be dependent factors or independent factors linked to the sender. This particular circumstance is mostly seen in the relationship between parents and children at home as well as between the employer and employee at work place. Indeed there exist a lot of barriers which are present and even introduced in the communication process, which make the communication difficult.

There are several factors which influence the communication process while communicating. Without considering the receiver's failure to grasp the message sent to him, barriers which are dependent of the sender are his or her ability to open communication, the content of the message, his or her intelligence, the state of mind while communicating, the sender relationship with the receiver and so on. Indeed the sender plays an important role during the communication process as before there can be any interpersonal communication, an intrapersonal communication is vital.

Without any doubt, even if the communication channel chosen is perfect for the information, but if the sender fails to know his audience, there is a risk that the message is wrongly interpreted. As sharing particular information which is not of interest for the audience, the message may not be taken into consideration. It is known that while communicating, the sender has the habit of making assumptions when delivering a...

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