The Power And Ease Of The Automobile

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Since the end of the 1800's we have had the luxury of being able to travel with the power and ease of the automobile. This wondrous device we have all come to rely upon for our daily routines day after day, year after year, and for over a century now, to the surprise of many who had not thought about it, it is essentially the same as it has been in theory for the majority of that century. To the current few generations with us today, we use these devices to commute to various places of interest, work, or otherwise. There are a great many of us who do not understand the method by which they convey themselves, it's a journey of sit, turn key, and suddenly your magic carpet delivers you to your destination. One of the most unknown things in today's society is the actual workings of what propels them, the physical operation of their vehicle's power plant, and how it is this is used in order for people to go about their day. This informative writing will contain strictly the regular, good old, old school internal combustion engine.
Since the dawn of their time, there has always been one process which has held most true, or most utilized in the more commonplace vehicles. The process I refer to is the “suck squeeze bang blow” process. Despite it's sounding like some middle school child's sexual innuendo, this is really one phrase that best sums up for the most part the full operation of the device, from start to finish. It inhales, compresses it's breath, ignites the breath, and then exhales it, only to repeat this process, up to a many thousands of times per minute. Starting from the “suckiest” point of this process is not quite where it all begins, but rather the start is the individual who sits within the driver seat is the true beginning.
With today's automobiles there are quite a few different methods in which it is done, but for the sake of the argument we will cut to the chase, and cut a lot of the fat from the way the start sequence is initiated. A human sits in the car, the user puts the key in the slot, and turns the key. Once the key is turned to the desired position, the car in whatever way it was designed, be it simple, or overly and possibly insanely complex, it then triggers the car to initiate the movement of the stater motor. From here, the real story starts, as this is the point where many vehicle users lose all idea on how what they have works. As the internals of the engine start spinning violently, being spun by the starter motor, they begin the start of the internal combustion process. At this point, the explanation begins to suck, quite literally.
The suction of the engine can be one of the most important parts of the engine's operation. If it does not or can not such air into the intake, then it will be unable to continue it's intended operation as it was designed. The suction part of the engine is likely one of the most simple parts of the system, air gets sucked in, passes through a filter to screen debris that would...

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