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The Power And Vision Of Leadership

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Leadership is not a role which should be readily appointed to someone nor can it be successfully thrust upon the shoulders of just any individual. It is a characteristic that is acquired, developed and honed through a varying multitude of life experiences and lessons learned. This includes personal and professional experiences, forethought and vision and the ability to aptly conceptualize and value the necessary ingredients of positive leadership.
I have been a classroom teacher with the same school division (and its legacy divisions) for twenty two years. I have therefore, been an active participant and witness to the multitude of changes and growth that have enveloped the realm of education and my school division. My role in the classroom has mainly included English and Arts instruction at the grade 11 and 12 levels. I have considered it an honor to be one of the last teachers involved in a student’s K-12 education and have deeply recognized this important leadership role, guiding our students by way of instruction and by example, through their final educational stretch and empowering them to be leaders themselves. I feel that I have helped to create a society of learners where students are being constantly challenged, where they experienced meaningful personal and educational growth and were empowered to celebrate their accomplishments whether they were big or small.
Professionally, I have stretched the limits of my own comfort zone, through embracing changes in curriculum and education and pursuing further learning opportunities. I am proud that although I have become a veteran teacher on my staff, I am the educational technology teacher. I trouble shoot various technological issues within our school and I have expanded my repertoire of instructional areas to focus on students changing technological needs. Practical and Applied Arts (PAA) courses have become the focus of my school division in regards to upgrading and revision of offered courses. Photography, Communication Production Technology, Communication Media and Theatre Arts are now all PAA offerings at our school that I instruct.
In addition, I have also displayed recent qualities of leadership in many other areas of education. Among these endeavours are: mentorship of new and existing teachers, serving on a Sr. English curriculum committee, coaching and supervision of nine University interns, leading University Internship Seminars, emceeing Graduation ceremonies for the last 7 years (at the request of the graduates) and directing and organizing a dinner theatre for 20 of my 22 years of teaching. Most recently though, my leadership pursuits have included enrolment and completion of 2 of 6 School Based Administrator Modules offered by our Provincial Professional Development Unit.
Lastly, in regards to my educational experiences, I was afforded an amazing opportunity last year when I fulfilled the role of Principal in my school during an extended absence of the current...

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