The Power Of Atheism To Change Lives

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Atheism introduced itself in America many years ago. Atheism, less common than Christianity, is the belief that there is no higher power and that science hold the explanations to where Earth as a planet and we as a society came from. Atheism has been present for hundreds of years. Those with religious beliefs may say that many Atheists have immediate dislike towards those with religious associations. Atheists are a group of people who live their lives believing in themselves; they would rather live their lives with faith in humanity and in themselves rather than in a higher power. Atheism is on the rise within America’s youth; the young generation is beginning to draw away from their families’ traditional religious beliefs and embracing new age beliefs that there is no higher power. As a society we have made it one of our values to let our people have faith in whatever they please, but many times religion causes judgment and segregation of the people. Atheism offers people a way to draw away from the judgment and segregation that often accompany formal religion. Atheism also offers people an opportunity to grow closer with themselves, to fully understand who they are.
Atheists believe that there is no supreme-being. The word Atheism comes from a, (without) and, theism (the belief in God or Gods). Atheism is the belief that science has explained many reasons as to where the universe came from, how society evolved, and why humans are able to live on planet Earth. There are two different types of Atheists. As seen in figure 1, there are Agnostic Atheists who believe that God does not exist, but still think there is a possibility that they could be wrong. Gnostic Atheists, on the other hand, believe that there is no possibility of a God existing. Atheists believe that as a species humans are capable of creating moral codes and ways to live without the help or belief in a higher power. Atheists feel that religion is used to justify oppression, discrimination, and cultural isolation around the world; they do not use God to explain the existence of the universe. Atheists abide by their own individual moral code as does every other human being but, “...Atheists often follow the same moral code as religious people, but they arrive at the decision of what is good or bad without any help from the idea of God.” (BBC) According to the BBC, Atheists often agree with the morals of those who have religious values; the only difference is where those moral codes originate from. Atheists’ values originate from their own experiences, and religious people follow a moral code that was given to them from their supreme-being. The fact that Atheists and religious people share some of the same values only further contradicts the fallacy that most people believe about Atheists, and this is that all Atheists are hostile and judgemental towards religion and religious people. The BBC writes, “Not all Atheists are hostile to religion, but many do think that religion...

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