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The Power Of Branding Essay

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“Human civilization is dependent upon signs and systems of signs, and the human mind is inseparable from the functioning of signs-if indeed mentality is not to be identified with such functioning.” (Charles Morris)
According to the Charles Morris, human used to relying or remember a thing by it signs. It is the first impression and brings the most impact to a person. Therefore, it is important for a brand too.

A brand is a sign that represents a company and also the connection between company and the audience. A brand communicated through different way to its audience. It can be from what the audience see and hear, or it can be the feeling or perceptions of the audience after they experience it. (Melissa Davis, 2009, p. 12)

A brand has its storytelling and emotions to the audience. Once a company failed to give the promise and meaning to the audience, it brings negatives feeling and perceptions to the audience. Thus, it needs an effective way to lead to a strong brand which will involve on different type of branding. There are brand extensions, associations while co-branding is one of the most usual types of branding that used by company and familiar with. (Matthew Healey, 2008, p. 38) Co-branding is the way of joining two or more brands into a single product.(ChiranjeevKohli, Brand Channel, 2002)www.brandchannel.comsuch as Poh KongJewellery co-branding with Disney. (Fig. 1.1)Poh Kong comes out with Disney jewellery which attracts both adults and children. However, there are still having their advantage and disadvantages of the co-branding too. Hence, the objective of this write up is to identify the opportunities and threats that involved in the strategy of using company’s corporate identity as a vehicle for product branding.

2.0 Co-Branding

2.1Type of Co-branding
The most usual and effective strategy that use by most companies is co-branding strategy. It has the ability to easily associate the brand with other brand to come out or grow a new thing. When both companies join together it gives benefits to both and while joining together, both companies bring a fresh feeling to the customers. Besides, when both brands join together, it comes out with a single and unique brand and therefore, it will bring something fresh to the audiences. There are two major forms of co-branding strategies which is parallel co-branding and ingredient co-branding. Parallel co-branding means two or more brands that combine together to come out with a combined brand. For instance, Nike and Apple come out with an iPod, Nike+. (Fig.2.1) Another example is the Haagen-Dazs ice cream and Bailey’s liqueur which form a new Haagen-Dazs with Baileys flavor ice cream.

When a supplier of a company supplies their ingredient to another company to make a product, it is called ingredient co-branding such as, Weight Watchers working with Heinz and produces a new product of Double Chocolate Brownie. (Fig 2.3) Besides, Oreo and Mcflurry are another example of...

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