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The Power Of Education In A Young Mens Life

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Throughout life young adults and adolescents tend to be faced with many challenges that alter the out come of their adult years by either benefiting or harming it. This is evident in “The Pact,” by Drs. Sampson Davis, George Jenkins, and Rameck Hunt, and “Gifted Hands: A Ben Carson Story,” by Ben Carson. These two books are similar in multiple aspects such as: the influences, and environment the characters are exposed to; the characters goals and struggles; and the purpose for writing the books and the lesson learned from reading the books. All of these aspects together develop an underlying theme that both stories have in common. The theme is that education is the key to a tranquil life, meaning life will be easier if you mentally invest in knowledge.
In both “The Pact” and “Gifted Hands” the main characters are the authors and they grow up in similar environments and experience common influences. In “The Pact” it states the three young men grew up in Newark, New Jersey a poor neighborhood that is composed of crime, drugs, and death (Davis 20). In the same manner Ben Carson grew up in Detroit, Michigan and in Gifted Hands it says that his family was struggling financially so badly to where they had to move in with relatives (Carson 21). The men in the two books also had common influences that were both negative and positive. The most influential impacts for “The Pact” authors were said to be their friends because the text states, “friends have more influence on one another’s lives than anyone else does, especially in those teenage years when kids are trying to discover who they really are” (Davis 174). However, in “Gifted Hands,” Ben Carson doesn’t mention friends as his greatest influence but he mentions his mother instead when he states, “It would be impossible to tell about my accomplishments without starting with my mother’s influence” (16). Both quotes show that all of the men feel that their influences had a great effect on the making of who they became.
In addition the men had very comparable goals and attitudes. All three of the gentlemen, from “The Pact” and Ben Carson, had a goal of becoming apart of a medical profession and they were all successful in achieving this goal. Likewise they had alike attitudes because at one moment of all of the men’s lives they realized that education was the key to accomplishing their goal, and made it their main priority. The authors from “The Pact” implemented their “education centered” attitudes, primarily after they decided they would become doctors, when they began to threat their academics as a healthy completion to motivate and help each other (Davis However, Ben Carson possessed this goal and attitude earlier than the other men, but he still had the same ones. Ben Carson’s mother is who gave him the educational mindset because she would never let Carson settle for less (Carson 30). Carson has also had the goal of becoming a doctor since he was a little boy due to being...

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