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The Power Of English Essay

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Language plays a huge role in all human lives. People communicate with each other every single day because communication is an everyday tool. With the help of language, communication becomes much easier. Small things such as tiny conversations, following/giving instructions, and shopping, all become simple with the use of language. Language is the only way a person can use to finish the businesses in their society. Also it is the only method used by which every subject is easily understood. Language is important because it is used in significant places such as in economics, politics, culture and social events. Of all languages spoken in our world today, English is the most important and most spoken language. Through the development of English, the use of technology, and lastly the need for a common powerful language, English has become the main language above all.
While people change, English changes to fit the people's lifestyle. It is important for a language to adapt with all generations and English is a good job with adapting. Since citizens of a society develop and grow, the tools that are used to communicate are forced to develop too. The Oxford English Dictionary has added new words to their dictionary "OMG", "LOL" and the symbol for "heart" have all been added to the dictionary" (Ehrlich, Brenna). These new words are used in our world today as slangs. Slangs are often used in everyday conversations, and eventually they were added to the dictionary. This shows that English stays powerful because they tend to add words. When a language doesn’t have the strength to grow and change, it dies. Ancient Greek and Latin languages are dead because they are no longer growing. They are only alive in that specific area to feel the sense of culture but no longer used as a key to the world's communication. Everyone wants to speak a language that is a live and up to date where it becomes more thrilling and entertaining. The development in English is one of main reasons why it's viewed as the strongest language (Walt, Wolfram.)
Another method of communication is used through technology. Language and technology are both methods of communication. Our world today has changed into a small town because of how much people are attached with technology. As technology develops, more social media appear to the world such as Twitter, Facebook, Hotmail and others. These social networks mostly use English. In the Slowpoke cartoon by Sorenson it says "Stop or ill tweet" which shows how much people are in touch with their technological devices like they are addicted to it. However these social networks are available for all the people around the world. After seeing the use of English in these social networks, people are forced to learn how to speak English to be able to use all these technological networks. English also takes a part in the growth of technology because almost all devices use English. This is because scientists have to write in English even if it...

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