The Power Of Love In Moulin Rouge And To Dance With The White Dog

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The Power of Love in Moulin Rouge and To Dance With the White Dog

    The power of love is exposed in the films Moulin Rouge and To Dance With the White Dog. In each movie, each individual must overcome obstacles within themselves in order to overcome the obstacles in their relationships. Although the love shared by each couple is different, both cases of love are real and run deeply. Satine and Sam Peek each handle their romantic relationships differently according to their situations.


      The film, Moulin Rouge, takes place during the Bohemian period in which things such as truth, beauty, and love are key elements to live by.  Christian, A young writer falls deeply in love with Satine, the star dancer of the Moulin Rouge. They are forced to keep their love for each other a secret because a Duke wants Satine for himself and has become the funder for Christian's play. The Duke also promises Satine a chance to become a real actress. When Christian and Satine's relationship is found out by the Duke, their lives become endangered and though they were able to be together in the end, as was foretold throughout the movie, Satine dies, leaving Christian with a disillusioned view of love.


      To Dance with the White Dog is a movie about love as well. An elderly widower, Sam Peek, is forced to deal with the sudden death of his wife after over fifty years of marriage. Throughout the movie his recollections of happy times spent with her are shown to the audience. Peek's children and his own illnesses cause him to suffer through the entire ordeal of dealing with losing his spouse and true love. One day, a very white dog appears at Peek's doorstep and from that point on that dog seems to take care of Peek by warning others when his illness strikes. As Peek lay sick, nearing the end of the movie, he sends his white dog away and only paw prints remain on his gravesite to remind the one's closest to Sam that he was watched over all the time.


      A very passionate and intense love is shared by both couples but there are many differences in their relationships. Christian and Satine are new lovers as opposed to Sam Peek and his wife who had been married many years and had built a life together. Where their romances take place is also different. Christian and Satine meet during a turning point in history in a large city and Sam Peek's romance takes place in a small country town during the early to middle 1900's. The major difference in these love affairs is the people. Satine is a dancer at a sexy club and is accustomed to selling her body to the highest bidder. Sam Peek is a country boy who was taught to settle down with a good woman, work hard to make a decent living, and raise children. The values and backgrounds of these two individuals greatly affect their ways of handling problems in their lives.


      The film, Moulin Rouge, shows many instances where Satine is shown...

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