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Imagine a life where friendship didn’t exist, where there wasn’t anyone to go to when facing those difficult times that challenge our independence, forcing everyone to step up and face the reality of life alone. A life without friendship is like being left alone on a hot, lonely desert with no one around to help. The feeling of loneliness coming down in tears is the perfect example of a life without friendship. The quote by C.S. Lewis can bring many different meanings to mind, but the true meaning lies within, and is up to everyone to determine their own. Friendship is that glue that holds our lives together and offers that warmth and happiness, that is felt which reassures the fact that in reality friendship has more value then could ever be imagined. The world today has changed rather dramatically from the way was t before, when everyone took on life’s challenges by themselves, now we are lucky enough to have those people that offer support every step of the way. Friendship is a vital tool that helps even the bravest people get through the obstacles life throws on the path towards the future that lies ahead.
My understanding of the quote by C.S Lewis is that he believes that friends aren’t a necessary factor in our lives but instead just fill a hole, or give us the pleasure of having them there. In all honesty, a quote as simple as this can bring many different meanings to mind depending on whose reading it. Not only do we all have different ways of thinking but, but we’ve all lived through different experiences that lead us to have different thoughts on a certain subject. We are all entitled to our own opinions, and there isn’t just one correct opinion, therefore not one meaning can be defined. Like art, being with friends is the best possible way to express ourselves and show who we really are, this personal opinion can relate to many others but it is our job to think through and process our own understanding.
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