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The Power Of Gender Essay

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Today, in this modern world, women have gained a significant place in society. In the early days, while they were only responsible for the households and taking care of children, today they are as powerful as men are in the society in terms of economic, social and legal. However, although their achievement and improvement in various fields, the linguistic behavior that they are both implicitly and explicitly taught from the moment they are born is influenced by the norms and the values of the society in which they live. In this essay, I will examine my transcription with regards to differences in language between men and women, in accordance with the arguments of power and powerlessness, ...view middle of the document...

Even though the male speaker 1 takes the floor sixteen times, he uses “yani” for three times. In this respect, the female speaker’s usage of these hedging devices are compatible with the Lakoff’s proposal that there are certain features of women’s language that gave the impression women are less powerful and less certain than men are and its association with the way they are raised.
Another point is the use of language concerning politeness. According to Lakoff’s politeness theory, there are certain set of rules, which prevent the conversation from breaking down. Furthermore, the rules she proposed are based on the “Maxim’s of Conversation” and one of the rules of being polite is “making others feel good”, which the female speaker 2 endeavors. The female speaker 2 and the male speaker 1 have known each other for more than ten years and the question, which the female speaker asks to him in line 45, is a known answer question. As we have been friends with the female speaker for a long time, we both have already known the story that the male speaker tells. Hence, this illustrates her politeness in terms of continuing of the conversation and she encourages the male speaker to maintain his speech. There is an implicit behavior demonstrated by the female speaker 2, which again gives the impression of less powerfulness and transfers the dominant role to the male speaker.
When we analyze the three-minute transcription, we see many overlaps among the speakers 1, 2 and 3. According to Tannen, overlap is an unintentional error, a misjudgment of the speaker’s completion point of the turn. It indicates simultaneous talk without any negative connotation. On the contrary, interruption is regarded as an intentional act and has a negative connotation, implying breaking of turn taking rules and violation of another speaker’s right to the floor .(Tannen, 1983).Since, in my transcription , there are a lot of overlaps and interruptions, they should be carefully distinguished from each other. For instance, the male speaker’s utterances in line 20 can be suggested as an interruption. When we look at the previous line 19, the female speaker 2 has not finished her sentence yet and the male speaker takes the floor from her. In contrast, in line 102, the male speaker overlaps with the female speaker 2. The previous line 98, the male speaker mentions about his past school days and he continues in line 102 and between these lines in line 101 the female speaker 2’s utterances latches with his line. In this respect, I cannot say that there is an interruption but an overlap. Besides, the female speaker 2 has no any interruption or overlap. However, the female speaker 3 has many overlaps with the female speaker 2’s lines. For instance, in line 111-112-113 and 114, their speeches overlap and in indicated lines, conversation...

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