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The Power Of Google Essay

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Advertisements, commercial, we see them every day. Commercial advertisements firmly grab hold of our attention, lasting anywhere from a few seconds to about a minute. That is their purpose; to enchant us in such a way that we do not forget their messages. defines advertising as “a description or presentation of a product, idea, or organization, in order to induce individuals to buy, support or approve of it.” However, this only applies to successful advertising. An unsuccessful commercial advertisement cannot normally do this. Good commercial advertisements are memorable and stick with the viewer is such a way that the viewer does not realize that they are influenced by the commercial. The message is hidden discreetly through entertaining or emotional visuals and music. People remember them for their entertainment value, yet for some reason the viewer wants to try the product or support the idea. They have no idea why. That is a successful advertisement. Though there are thousands of examples of brilliant commercial advertisements, some stand out above others.
One such commercial advertisement is the Google ad from 2010’s Super Bowl commercial line up. The spot originally aired in three months prior to the Super Bowl on Youtube. Finally giving to what CEO Eric Schmidt has labeled the “last bastion of unaccountable spending in corporate America,” the 53-second commercial is a rare TV spot for the company. For years, Google has been against such commercials. When Google puts out a commercial, it is normally to highlight a product or affiliate product, not the search engine itself. Despite the hesitation to step into brand advertising, the ad comes into response to Bing’s heavy self-promotion. Google seems to be reminding its newest competitor who runs things.
The commercial opens to a screen shot of the Google home page search bar. The initial pace of the ad is slow. An anonymous man is searching for “study abroad paris france.” In the background, you can hear music playing with French language tapes playing. The screen switches to the search results as he selects the first option. Next, he googles “cafes near the louve.” The “Did You Mean” correction service offers “cafes near the louvre,” correcting his misspelling. The map option appears with ten options. He selects the second option, the Café Cabaret. The commercial continues with him searching “translate tu es tres mignon.” The search engine offers an instant translation from Google Translate as the first search result. The French phrase means, “You are very cute.” We next find him finding information on how to “impress a french girl.” After searching, a woman laughs in the background. As the music gets more dramatic, the viewer is brought to his next quest, “chocolate shops in paris, france.” Google Maps show him the local business results. Instead of clicking an option, he searches “what are truffles.” Google brings an instant definition for truffles as its first...

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