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I believe in the power of the hardworking individual as a driving force. Hard work is the locomotive of our survival and the driving force that has qualified us the top of our food chain over the course of the last 200,000 years. People sometimes say that the human race is going downhill, but I could not further disagree with this. Yes-- the problems today are engulfing and more than worthy of us, but they are problems that we will deal with the same way we always have-- and that is one by one.
I was less than 5 when I began playing piano. Playing the piano isn’t like playing in a band or orchestra where you spend only a fraction of the time playing and even less of that practicing. Playing the piano, you can’t hide the fact of how long you practiced, because there is a direct tie between effort and reward which always holds true. I never wanted to play piano myself. It was always the choice of my parents and their drive to have me do some extra-curricular activities. But as I got older, they also became interested in the piano examinations. ABRSM, the Associated Board of the Royal School of Music delivers over 650,000 examinations a year to over 93 countries worldwide. When I heard of the fact that my parents had signed me up for the examinations, I was shocked. I had played piano for more than 5 years but I had never had an experience like this. It proved more difficult than I ever thought possible. My sister and I would spend hours together-- she would check off the scales that I had yet to memorize in on a excel sheet at the end of every nights practice. The difficult part about an examination like this is not playing the notes. A piano has 88 keys, none of which are a challenge to play. The difficult part is playing the notes to express both what you want to express and what the composer wanted to express. Days before the examination, I would practice for more than 5 hours a day, from after dinner when I finished my homework, to when I went to sleep. On the day I had the examination, I had to skip school. The examiner was from the UK, so weekdays just could not be avoided on his tour. I remember spending more than 10 minutes simply washing my hands in the lobby of the...

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