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The Power Of Limiting And Empowering Beliefs And Values

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Personal values are the core of our beliefs and values that we hold in and around our lives. As we learn and grow, we accept new values and beliefs. We discard the ones that no longer work as we grow and develop ourselves. Some of those values when growing up are ingrained by our family, friends, community and the experiences which have contribute to our views.

When we hear about why two people fall in love, we hear that they tend to have the same values and beliefs. Those would be our core values, how we want to live our lives. For myself, my longtime boyfriend and I have the same core beliefs such as honesty, equality and open-mindedness to name a few. We find that these allow us to grow and develop empowering us to make better decisions and better understand the world we live in. We learn to try different foods, learn new things together, and find new things that we love to do when spending time together. Even though I was raised in a religious family, my curiosity has always led me to question everything and replace anything that no longer works for me as my boyfriend does.

I will compare my beliefs and values with someone who has very much the same ones as me. I believe in honesty, equality, loyalty, respectfulness, open-mindedness, empathy, generosity. I practice what I believe in by standing up for myself and the people I love, and being a great role model. My boyfriend and I share the same values and beliefs which makes us a compatible couple in the long run. We are honest with each other where we are transparent everything we do. In our relationship, we both treat each other as equals. We ask for each others opinions on things and make decisions as a united front. It’s almost impossible to find a man who is loyal these days, but I was lucky. He won’t look at any other girl and he doesn’t think anyone but me is attractive. He told me. “There could be a room full of girls that people would find attractive but the only girl I would see is you”. My boyfriend respects me and my feelings as I am of him and his and he has helped me become more open-minded about trying different foods I would never be caught dead eating, foods such as mushrooms, oysters, and sashimi. He also encouraged me to talk about how I felt about religion; made me feel safe in telling him. Though religion never felt right or made sense to me growing up with all the things like going to church every week, praying before bed, asking for forgiveness for the “sins” we committed, being afraid that if I am bad I’ll go to hell. He helped me to talk openly about all of it and since I took myself away from that I have learned so much about other religions and science. We both are very open-minded about the world. When someone has ill words to say about him I will never just let it go by me. I will stand up and defend him. We both strive to be excellent role models for the people around us. For me, it’s especially important because I have two younger brothers that look up to...

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