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Some say dreams are the playground of the mind. The mind is rested which allows memories, worries, upcoming events, etc. to crowd one's dream. Most dreams are controlled by the unconscious mind and are easily forgotten; they are hazy and commonly do not make sense. However, there is a type of dreaming method that is an exception to these descriptions: lucid dreaming. Lucid dreamers (or oneironauts) are able to control his or her dreams, and create an extraordinary dream land, where they are able to do whatever they imagine. These dreams can benefit one's strength and control of mind, health, and well-being. Through the journey of learning dream structure, manning the ropes, and finally ...view middle of the document...

However, there are not many frequent lucid dreamers in the world. In fact, most of the population does not know what a lucid dream is, but they more than likely have had at least one lucid dream in their lifetime. These dreams usually go unnoticed by the dreamer, and they forget them in the span of ten minutes. Let our subject's name be Jim. Jim did not know what lucid dreaming was until today. In situations like this, it is very common that Jim will have a lucid dream tonight. He will think to himself sometime in his dream, “I am dreaming” which will instantly wake his mind inside the dream. Nonetheless, there is a chance Jim will not turn lucid in his dream, and if not, he will have to work to get there.
One key to becoming lucid is keeping a dream journal. It is very important for a learning oneironaut to remember his or her dreams. Jim will need to know the structure of his dreams before manning the ropes to them. Jim should put a notebook or journal near his bed, so when he awakes from slumber, he can write his dreams down from the recent night. Keywords and memories are the most important parts of these dream journals, for when Jim goes back to read his journal, his mind is triggered to remember the memory of the dream. Without a dream journal, it will be very difficult for Jim to remember his past dreams, therefore he will not know the reoccurring patterns in his dreams. If he knows the structure of his dreams, he will notice similar actions or events in other dreams which will trigger him to question if he is dreaming.
If Jim is insistent on becoming lucid, he will also need a firm intention, such as remembering a phrase or adopting a mindset. In “Setting a Lucid Dream...

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