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Have you ever seen a painting or picture that captivates you and directly stirs up emotion within you? More than likely, you have. Usually, viewers merely observe the picture and enjoy the way it looks and how it makes them feel. But, have you ever asked yourself, “why?” What about the picture makes it pleasing to the viewer? With each strategy the photographer uses creates their own touch and passion that floods all over the picture. The emotional connection nearly goes unnoticed for when the picture is well photographed, the viewers experience the sensation in their subconscious. This is one of the most powerful tools that a photographer holds in their hands. If one can become a master of manipulating how the photo affects its viewers, the said photographer can potentially maneuver people’s minds and thoughts with one click of a button. The time spent with my mentor has opened up the door for me to tap into that power though the use of background, focus, shutter speed, angles, and most importantly, lighting. Even with all these techniques, the person behind the camera must remember that creativity must be at the forefront of all operations. Caleno (2014), when writing about the basics of capturing a beautiful moment in a picture commented, “If we want to be creative we must drop these pre-conceptions and start looking at things from a small child’s innocence.”
Every picture taken is unique and is has its own characteristics given to it by its taker. Much like every individual person, each photo has a story and an attitude. All these distinctive qualities are given to the picture by the photographer with a particular purpose. To set up the desired image, there must be proper steps taken in order to insure perfection. The first step is often overlooked in an armature photographer’s mind but it is enormously important. In order to set up the correct image, a proper background must be selected. Branson (2011) proclaims, “Backgrounds are virtually as important as the subjects themselves in making a picture work, but they are often the most overlooked aspect of photography.” The effect you want to create in your audience won’t always solely rely on your subject. Frequently, the strongest yet subtle effect created in your viewers mind can be the setting or background. What surrounds the subject of a photo is essential in creating the effect preferred. If there was a dark and gloomy background with a happy subject or someone smiling brightly, the photo would become confusing to the viewer and would most likely not create a high-quality picture. The job of a photographer is to produce the correct experience as the picture is inspected. The subconscious of the viewers wants things to be easy to read and understand. If you format your image in order to make them feel the ultimate emotion in their subconscious, then you have succeeded. The appropriate background won’t always go noticed by the viewers, but if it were any different, they would detect...

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