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The Power Of School Spirit Essay

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What do student athletes and coaches desire more of? What do teachers and administrators demand more of? School spirt answers both questions. Many schools across the nation do not grasp the importance of school spirit. School spirit has the power to perform miracles in the athletic and educational world, and schools have taken notice. Student athletes and coaches crave more school spirit because enthusiasm from a crowd provides a team with energy unattainable in any other circumstance. Teachers and administrators yearn for more school spirit because they wish for students to have a positive attitude when attending their school. What school district would not covet positive attitudes from their students? All schools need to intensify their school’s spirit in order to attain the positive benefits school spirit has to offer.
A tradition is something that people love to be involved in; whether it is starting a new one or participating in an ongoing one. Traditions cannot work if there is no spirit present, especially school traditions. A college in Oregon, Linfield, decided to start a tradition in attempt to raise school spirit for the upcoming sports’ seasons. Linfield held what they called “Cat Camp” (Sigler). This camp trained students in cheers and performed various activities in order to boost energy. Director of activities Dan Fergueson commented, “Cat Camp went better than we had hoped, we were excited about trying a new tradition and a new start, but we were pretty nervous that it may not have the enthusiasm that we were hoping for” (Sigler). The director was not the only one who approved of the boosted spirit; sophomore Austin Browning stated, “I loved the response from the crowd when I asked them to cheer as if the football team had just scored the winning touchdown” (Sigler). School spirit plays an essential role when starting a tradition, and a tradition helps increase school spirit as the tradition progresses.
Mark Twain once said, “Spirit has fifty times the strength and staying-power of brawn and muscle.” School spirit plays a more vital role in sports than one would assume. “A loud and spirited crowd has the potential to alter the result of a game” (Benavidez). Almost every sport’s fan in the world would agree. A large crowd is one thing, but a large crowd who is passionately cheering on their team plays a crucial role in sporting events. When asked the question on how school spirit affects his team’s performance, Seth Mcgowen responded, “It increases the morale of the player. When we see there’s a big crowd there cheering us on, we feel like we have to do better so that we don’t let them down. If they’re shouting my name and cheering for me personally, it makes me step up my performance and do something great.” Key words in Mcgowen’s response are “cheering us on” (Benavidez). Mcgowen said an enormous crowd is not what encourages...

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