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In the article “The Power of Story”, stories are not just a book to read, stories become a defense mechanism and comfort zone for children. Children who have been victims of an physical and or emotionally abusive situation can be strongly affected by stories. Researchers have found that reading a book that is similar to the child’s situation with an alternative ending have had uplifting results, with children. Jean and John Pardeck from the The Power of Story article, point out how “literature provides models of how to understand and handle dilemmas and real life situations.” This description of the power through stories can be better describe as Bibliotherapy. This type of therapy helps human beings with self healing and self understanding through literature and films.
The exact definition of Bibliotherapy is; “ A really generic term for a continuum of activities that offer potential for growth, self-understanding, and healing through the use of literature or film”(45). Researchers “David Russell and Caroline Shrodes define Bibliotherapy in a much simpler form, the process between the reader and literature, interaction that may be utilized for personality assessment or for adjustment, preparation,healing, and growth”(45).
Bibliotherapy traditionally has three conceptual process; identification, catharsis, and problem solving.
Identification, is described as the connection the reader has with the character. It is the value the character brings to you and the emotional affiliation you have with that character, when they are going through their journey in life. In books individuals are able to connect to a novel’s character and live through their stories. These characters can become equivalent to a best friend, they can even express and individuals emotions through their journeys.
Catharsis is the second process in Bibliotherapy, it allows the readers to use their relationship with character to solve their personal issues or to relieve them from any stress in their lives.The definition of catharsis is, “The release of tension experienced by the reader who lives through the characters situation sharing his or her motivation and conflicts, and the story's climax, surprises and resolution”. Catharsis encourages and motivates people to feel better, despite whatever background they may have.
Problem solving is the last step in the bibliotherapy process, this part for an adult is an easy step, because adults can...

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