The Power Of Therapeutic Touch Essay

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The Power of Therapeutic Touch


Derived from several ancient healing practices, therapeutic touch is based on the theory of human energy fields - every person has an energy field that surrounds the entire body. During therapeutic touch treatment, practitioners use their hands, without actually touching the person, to re-establish a healthy energy flow. Therapeutic touch seeks to restore balance within the body while also stimulating the patient's own healing response. The practice of therapeutic touch is used worldwide in thousands of hospitals, clinics, and private practices. It is an easily learned, successful complement to other healing programs.


Therapeutic touch can be learned by anyone. Those who wish to become practitioners take special courses. The practitioner is taught to center himself, physically and psychologically, where he can find within himself an inner reference of stability. The pupil must learn to assess the patient by feeling hot, cold, tingling, congestion or pressure sensations in his hands when gliding through another person's energy field. After these energy imbalances or obstructions are found, he must unruffle the field by brushing congested areas away from the body in order to allow the energy to move more freely. Once the congested areas have been cleared, he lets the hands rest on or near the body where the blockage was detected in order to direct energy to the area. After the blocked areas are in balance, he stops and allows a period of rest.


Clinical research has proven that this pleasant, painless treatment creates rapid relaxation, significant reduction in pain,...

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