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The Power Of Women Essay

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What is a woman to men? Women are objects of possession to the inferiority of all men. The woman has always been the lower level of power between the two sexes, male and female. In the two books Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte and in The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver, the power and voice of the women become inferior to the one of the men. The women in both books are able to overpower the men with their own voice, women not only carry the will to do so but are prominent to be as equal as men and not be the bare bottom in the classification of genders. Many men may disagree with the fact that women are yet to be treated as equally as them; there is still bias going on between the ...view middle of the document...

During the time this book was written the third wave of feminism was happening throughout the United States. The feminist movement rose for equal rights, self-esteem, and gender justice. This was a leading factor to the book Kingsolver wrote. The five women describe how they see and feel about the mission to the Congo with Nathan Price, the father and husband. Orleanna Price the wife of Nathan Price and mother of their four children losses her liveliness throughout her marriage and it is not till the death of one of her daughters that she is able to regain strength to leave her husband.
Men have always been able to dominate women throughout the years. They have always been the dominant figure to society now and then. In the Poisonwood Bible Orelanna is “swallowed by Nathan’s mission, body and soul” (Kingsolver). She no longer is the women she used to be before her marriage. Comparatively to Catherin in Wuthering Heights, after her marriage with Linton she was a different woman. She became weak and overpowered by him as she feels the same would’ve happened if she marry Heathcliff “it would degrade me to marry Heathcliff now” (Bronte). Women of today are now similarly overpowered by their male partner and no longer are the women they use to be. Men are able to manipulate woman physically and physiologically. Although they are able to do so many women now are able to do the same or are able to resist against this manipulation. Confinement played a huge role in the manipulation in the novel Wuthering Heights, “Characters will lock up others so that, by establishing tight boundaries, the one confined is under control” (Crouse). Men simply want to dominate woman to raise their own status and significance in society. Many of these men do not believe that woman too need to have their own significance and statues to their society as well. Men do not comprehend “the ability to understand and really feel for people who are different from ourselves—that’s a world-changing event” (Riley et all) like many women do. Women are more compassionate than men and it lets them become more open to many ideas and situations.
The five feminine voices in The Poisonwood Bible, the “voices offer a feminist alternative, to historical writing…focusing on political and military events…” (Riley). Most historical writings during the time of the two books were being published were male centered. There was little to no chance that a female was to narrate a book during this time. The women here are allowed to express their perspectives on the missionary activities they are involved in and in the civilization of the Congo as well. Through the feminist views we see the truth of Nathan Price as being a violent man who is ignorant to the Congo’s culture. Similarly, the story of Wuthering Heights is narrated by Nelly, a female character who is controlling the story telling as she is repeating it to Mr. Lockwood, still containing powerful female characters within the novel. When...

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