The Power Of Your Vote:A Catalyst For A Stable And United Nigeria

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Everyone is familiar with the term voting. Many people have different meanings and perspectives of voting. Some might put it as the power of your voice,others that it is the ability to choose a good leader,and so many other ideas. For me as a person, I believe it is the access to chose a leader who you believe will lift,move and facilitate growth and create better society for all.
A better society is not necessarily a place where there is development only,it is a place where people live in peace and have no fear,it ...view middle of the document...

That is why this power is given to those above the age of eighteen in Nigeria. Developing a country is definitely a huge task, but by keeping some basic tasks in mind and implementing them helps a lot.
On a road to the development of a country,there must be political stability all through. A country in a state of anarchy. This is a point where voting comes in. By voting,we can vote in a leader who has the interest to move the country forward,and has good records to show his capabilities.
Countries of the world who are currently facing political instability include Syria,Ukraine,and a few others will definitely have a significant drop in its worth,both economically and politically.The cause of Syria's civil war is politically motivated. That is why we as citizens should take the voting process seriously. I pray for such a thing not to happen in Nigeria,but if such a thing happens in Nigeria,it will adversely affect Nigeria,the economy of Nigeria ,and the whole of West Africa.
Secondly,as a nation,we should all fight against corruption. Voting is a good tool in totally eradicating corruption. Although,we may not all know the characters and virtues of an individual;but we can assess an individual by several of the individuals motive and the company the individual keeps. For example,if individual A,is a member of a political party A,and the other individual in political party B,and we all notice that individual A keeps company with an ex-convict,who was convicted for corruption,while B has a good record. It is obvious that many people will vote in political party B. Although,we should never judge a book by its cover,we all should be careful with our choices.
Voting can also help fight against a dictatorial government and prevent anarchy,disarray,and disorderliness. Any one found voting for a hooligan should begin to dig their own grave. These people should also know there will mass corruption ,disorderliness and embezzlement of fund and property. Never can you find a political gathering...


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