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The Powerful Message Of Lyndon La Rouche

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Personal Background
The Early Years
A politician, economist, business consultant, editor and author; these are just a few of the careers that Lyndon H. LaRouche has had in his life. Lyndon LaRouche was born on September 8, 1922 in Rochester NH to Lyndon Hermyle and Jessie LaRouche, he was the oldest of three children. Lyndon Sr. and Jessie both considered themselves orthodox Quakers, they instilled in their children the belief that they should never fight others no matter the circumstances; this lead to a difficult childhood for Lyndon Jr. He was a precocious child who was often teased by other children. Lyndon found solace in reading the works of Descartes, Leibniz and Kant who helped him rationalize his social isolation (King 1990). Visits to his grandparents provided Lyndon some relief from his rigid upbringing at home. His grandfather helped him form an early interest in biblical history. LaRouches parents were very secular in their beliefs, so much so that they were often at odds with fellow church members even accusing them of Bolshevism and embezzlement of religious funds. They wanted their son to share their religious beliefs.

Educational Experience
He was educated through the public school systems of Rochester New Hampshire and Lynn Massachusetts He enrolled at Northeastern University in Boston during the fall of 1940. He was an active student at the University from 1940-1942 when LaRouche joined a Quaker camp for conscientious objectors. During this time he was introduced to the writings of German political philosopher Karl Marx, whose work is the basis of communist theory (Gale 2002). From 1944-1946 LaRouche joined the Army Medical Corps as a non-combatant serving in medical units in Burma and India. He again went back to Northeastern in 1946 but left the university in 1947 for good without his degree.
Lyndon LaRouche joined the Socialist Workers Party in 1949 which brought an end to additional formal education.

Professional Experience
Lyndon Hermyle LaRouche, Jr. is best known as being a “perennial candidate” for President of the United States. He is an American political activist and has founded many political organizations in the USA and elsewhere. LaRouche is currently the director and editor of the Executive Intelligence Review News Service, which is part of the LaRouche movement. LaRouche has no formal qualifications but has become very successful writing on economic, scientific, cultural, and of course political topics as part of his own political viewpoints. LaRouche has run for the nomination of Democratic president every year since the 1976 election. In 1988 LaRouche was sentenced to prison for 15 years for committing conspiracy, mail fraud, and tax code violations. Even from behind bars in 1992 LaRouche ran for Presidential nomination.
After dropping out of college in 1948 he started attending meetings of the Socialist Workers Party (SWP), he joined the party the next year. In New York LaRouche...

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