The Powerful Words Of Amy Tan, Maxine Hairston, And Mike Rose

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The Powerful Words of Amy Tan, Maxine Hairston, and Mike Rose

The power of words is immeasurable. Words help people to voice their opinions and express their thoughts and feelings. Our everyday lives are shaped by communication and in general language. A persons language can often influence success and happiness. America is viewed as a melting pot for numerous different people and their respective languages. Language is so vital in our society that a person of diverse ethnic background can face many tribulations throughout their everyday life.

Many renowned writers and other professionals have expressed their personal opinion about the value of words over the last few years. Chinese-American author Amy Tan is one of the many writers who understand the importance of the simplest words in the English language. Tan, author of the Joy Luck Club, was born and raised in San Francisco by her Chinese parents. Tan graduated from high school and pursued her college education at five different universities from 1969 through 1976. Contrary to what her teachers had always tried to push on her, Tan steered away from studies in math and science and earned her B.A. in English and Linguistics. She describes that her educational choices were rebellious in nature. In Tans essay she describes the hardships of growing up with a mother who encountered problems with the English language. When I was growing up, my mothers limited English limited my perception of her, Tan explains. She describes situations where her mother was treated rudely and explains that apologies were always proposed when Tan would interrupt with flawless English. Tan also discusses the educational problems that multicultural students have within the classroom today. She points out that the educational system is in need of a change because they also have teachers who are steering them away from writing and into math and science, which is what happened to me. Amy Tan calls for an educational system where children from all cultures are encouraged to follow through on any goal no matter what language they hear at home.

Maxine Hairston also has vast experience dealing with language. She is a Professor of Rhetoric and Composition at the University of Texas. Hairston describes what she feels is the ideal college composition class in her 1992 essay Diversity, Ideology, and Teaching Writing. She explains that with changing demographics, we face an ethnic and social mix of students in our classrooms, which holds true in schools around the nation today. Now more then ever the landscape of our educational system is changing. Hairston introduces a composition course structure that would be centered on the students and their experiences. Hairston suggests utilizing each students life as a lesson and in turn to enlighten students to cultural differences. She proposes an interactive classroom where students collaborate with other writers, this process of decentering so one ca understand the other...

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575 words - 2 pages , resulting in the lack of concern for what her daughter really wanted. "Only two kinds of daughters", she shouted in Chinese. "Those who are obedient and those who follow their own mind! Only one kind of daughter can live in this house. Obedient daughter!" (Page 380) She was pessimistic, discouraging, and even demeaning if her daughter didn't set the standard, with "…[her] disappointed face once again." (Page 375) Finally, the reader gets a very important message from Amy Tan's "Two Kinds": No matter how strong you believe in something, you can never enforce it on anyone without their consent or approval. Jing-mei's mother went too far.

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936 words - 4 pages (Oxford 3).      Part of the reason that the story is so touching and realistic is because of the author’s background growing up. As a younger woman Amy Tan was very much like Jing-mei. She was a Chinese girl growing up in a world where she was surrounded by Chinese and American influences. Often she has written about trying to assimilate into the mainstream, American world as a child, often at the expense of her Chinese heritage. These stories are

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682 words - 3 pages Amy Tan is an author who uses the theme of Chinese-American life, focusing mainly on mother-daughter relationships, where the mother is an immigrant from China and the daughter is a thoroughly Americanized --yellow on the surface and white underneath. In her book, the mother tries to convey their rich history and legacy to her daughter, who is almost completely ignorant of their heritage, while the daughter attempts to understand her hopelessly

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737 words - 3 pages , language can also be a bridge to connect them, for example, Suyuan and Canning fell in love while learning English together, and it is the daughters' ability to understand Chinese that lets them see their mothers' wisdom. The reader can very easily see that there are many cultural similarities and differences in between the two generations using those three cultural aspects. The search of identity and acceptance in American society is still a very huge topic today, but now not only in Asian cultures, but in races and ethnicities around the globe, and Amy Tan goes to express that in her book The Joy Luck Club.

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862 words - 3 pages The Joy and Luck of the Family BrawlIn Amy Tan's "The Joy Luck Club", the characters always seem to be fighting. Usually it's a Chinese mother going for the throat of her daughter. The major conflicts in the book are caused by a clash of the strong willed Chinese, and revolutionary American cultures.Waverly's mom, Lindo, is the proud parent of a young chess prodigy. She takes great pride in Waverly's success at the art of chess. But a conflict

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1207 words - 5 pages Lives on the Boundary by Mike Rose The book Lives on the Boundary, written by Mike Rose, provides great insight to what the new teaching professional may anticipate in the classroom. This book may be used to inform a teacher’s philosophy and may render the teacher more effective. Lives on the Boundary is a first person account composed of eight chapters each of which treat a different obstacle faced by Mike Rose in his years as a student

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1115 words - 4 pages instilled? In the short story "Two Kinds," by Amy Tan, the mother in the story tries to do what is best for her daughter to become a world-renowned prodigy. This issue could also be connected to the short story "The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas," by Ursula K. LeGuin, where the people of Omelas are happy in their lives but also see that there is this person sleeping in a closet and being treated like an animal, but still carry on with their lives

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1136 words - 5 pages the reader that life can take it's turns and faith can become revolted by the result of one's fate. Tan intensifies feeling of the pressure created by fate and faith's disparity when character Rose Hsu Jordan say's, "My mother had a look on her face that I'll never forget. It was one of complete despair and horror, for losing Bing, for being so foolish as to think she could use faith to change fate." Chapter 7, pg. 130. In general, Amy Tan reveals

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730 words - 3 pages A Pair of Tickets”, by Amy Tan, is a brief narrative about the conscience and reminiscence of a young Chinese American woman, Jing-Mei, who is on a trip to China to meet her two half-sisters for the first time in her life. Amy Tan is an author who uses the theme of Chinese-American life, converging primarily on mother-daughter relationships, where the mother is an emigrant from China and the daughter is fully Americanized --yellow on the

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1176 words - 5 pages almost become this way." In this quote, Tan uses Old Chinese Symbolism to explain how a lack of inner strength equates to a inadequate supply of wood in a person, making them "crooked and weak" . Eventually, as Rose reaches a central imperative period in her life where she bares some crucial decisions, and looks for support and guidance from her mother. Although An-Mei would be pleased to make the proper choices for her daughter, she is aware that

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1037 words - 4 pages Just the other day, I had an argument with my mother about what kind of music we wanted to listen to in the car. Everyone struggles with communication and being able to identify with parents or other guardians at some point in their life. In The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan the characters must struggle not only with the generation gap, but also linguistic and cultural barriers. Despite their daughter's American upbringing, the mothers attempt to

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