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The Practice And Participation Of Alternative Medicine

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The practice and participation of alternative medicine or complementary medicine is becoming more and more accepted, accessible, and utilized on a worldwide scale. Some possibilities to explain this are the perception of alternative medications and therapies as being more effective when reversing or treating chronic conditions and having fewer and less harmful or painful side effects as the pharmaceuticals which the majority of doctors prescribe to their patients in need (Belew, 1999). Estimations have been systematically calculated claiming that the earth contains approximately 600,000 species of plants with only five percent of them investigated chemically or pharmacologically ...view middle of the document...

The stem is stable and sturdy, growing upwards from 30 to 90 cm in vertically. The part of the plant that is used for medicinal purposes is the rhizome and has features of being tuberous and stunted (Milner, Smith, Wayne, 2001). This root is not intended for use during pregnancy in fact it is not advised so avoidance of this plant during pregnancy is highly recommended. Other than the removing of its use during pregnancy, no health hazards are documented with the intake of appropriate measurements although minor lower intestinal discomforts may occur if consumed in doses over what is instructed. Common forms that False Unicorn Root is administered with are liquid extracts which are most often resorted to (Milner, et al., 2001), tinctures, and capsules containing dried residues. False Unicorn Root is a key ingredient in numerous medicinally compiled phytotherapeutic supplementation products that focus on the relief of undesirable symptomatology experienced during the months of pregnancy. The exact purpose of this plant (medicinally speaking) and the reason behind the use of it is to treat female reproductive health problems including side effects during pregnancy and pain inflicting or unusual menstruation (Matovic et al., 2011). Additional uses of the medically active portions of the plant are described as strengthening and cleansing of male reproductive organs and the prevention of miscarriage. Some minor contributors to the alleged beneficial outcome after its consumption are the contents of essential minerals such as copper, sulphur, cadminium, cobalt, zinc, and molybdenum; All of which are factors in the plants usefulness in preventing, defending, and fighting infections (Bunce). False Unicorn Root is acknowledged for its action during the stimulation of circulation as well as the balancing of hormones. Further uses of this plant are consumption during the case of a diuretic being in need and when relief of ovulation pain is desired (Shan, 2006). Statistics show a 287% increase in the use of False Unicorn Root from the year 1997 (Matovic et al., 2011), proving the growth and the increased expansion of its popularity and attraction due to its successful and efficient ability to relieve symptoms.

The two chemical components of this plant that have been identified through various approaches to chemical isolation methods are a part of the chemical family named saponins. The word saponin can be traced back to the traditional use of the soapwort plant which was in previous times used as an external cleanser of body parts. Saponins are a category of complex glycosides (a categorization of molecules consisting of bonded sugar molecules to molecules not related to sugar) primarily located in various plant species as secondary metabolites. Saponins are molecules which are amphiphilic by nature, composed of a hydrophobic aglycone attached to multiple hydrophilic saccharide formations. Sources of steroidal saponins are frequently...

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