The Chosen Spiritual Vs. Non Spiritual

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Spiritual vs. Non Spiritual, this conflict is reflected within The Chosen through the views of Hasidic Jews and Orthodox Jews. David Malter, a Zionist who believed in the liberation of the Jewish people, and Reb Saunders, a Hasidic Jew and a Non-Zionist who focused more on keeping the spiritual views of his religion within his people. These beliefs are projected on to their sons. Despite the fact that Danny had a mind of his own and opinions of his own he still respected the views of his religion. Reuven saw his father as brilliant and believed in the same things as his father. This conflict is repeated within Danny and Reuven. Danny who is struggling with the expectations of his religion and his mind, someone who doesn’t want to disappoint his people, and Reuven who wants to show Danny the middle ground, show him that he can be a psychologist without turning away from all that he has ever known.
Danny was meant to be a Tzadzik, but as he grew he realized that his heart lay somewhere else. He had a brilliant mind that was always searching for more. He couldn’t stand the thought of only studying the Talmud for the rest of his life. He read books and understood things better than anyone could. He didn’t want to be a tzadzik he wanted to be a psychologists. He thought his father had this expectation of him making it impossible for him to pursue his dreams. He didn’t want to disappoint his father but at the same time he wanted to be happy. He knew why his father did things the way he did them. He knew why he had to grow up in...

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