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The chosen health care need that this assignment will focus on is Breast Cancer as each year more than a quarter of a million people are diagnosed with Cancer in the United Kingdom, Macmillan (2007). Breast Cancer was chosen as the health care need as people’s awareness of Breast cancer need to be raised. Also through out this assignment the sociological and psychological aspect of breast cancer will be looked at and also the global national and local initiatives will be looked at as well for anyone receiving or caring for someone with breast cancer.
Breast cancer develops when a single cell begins to multiply rapidly and forms a tumour; some cells make break away and travel to other parts of the body starting a new tumour cancer research (2004). Breast cancer is the most common cause of cancer in women, Rosto (2009). Even though breast cancer in women is common, there are also 341 men in the United Kingdom diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008, cancer research (2011).
In the West Midlands there were 4,222 case of breast cancer in 2009. The number of cancer cases and crude incidence rates continue to increase annually as the population of the West Midlands ages, west midlands intelligence unit (2011). Breast cancer affects mainly 50-64 year olds in the west midlands.

However breast cancer still remains the most common form of cancer in females in the West Midlands, it has a strong negative association with deprivation usually found in the more affluent sections of the population, west midlands intelligence unit (2010). In 2009 the five year survival rates were over 80% for breast cancer patients WMIU (2010). The number of deaths to cancer in the west midlands has remained steady over the decade with 13,430 deaths in 2000 and 13,645 deaths in 2009 WMIU (2009). There are risk factors associated with breast cancer which are relevant to the west midlands such as, gender, age, reproductive history, such as age at first birth and age at menopause, obesity, alcohol consumption, Hormone replacement therapy and family history WMIU (2009).
The most common risk factor in the west midlands is alcohol consumption as evidence suggests that alcoholic drinks increase breast cancer risk world cancer fund (2011). Birmingham national health services were given £6 million pounds by the Government to shows the damage that is being done to drinkers’ organs while they are drinking in a pub or at home. From this only 2% of the west midlands were aware that drinking can be linked to breast cancer NHS (National Health Service, 2010).
The earlier detection of breast cancer aids the greater chance there is of survival NHS (National Health Service, 2008). With most cancers the key to successful treatment is early diagnosis before the cancer has had the chance to spread to other organs Jenkins (2011).
Thus from this Breast Cancer would be detected early not just in women but also in men as well as it is estimated that more than 300 men per year are...

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