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The Pregnancy Project Essay

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The Pregnancy Project
The author of this book is 21 year old Gaby Rodriguez. She came up with the idea for this project because she was told repeatedly by her brothers and sisters that she would end up getting pregnant as a teen just like all of them. I believe that the purpose of this project and subsequently the book, was to show that you do not have to live your life on the basis of stereotypes. It does not and should not matter what anyone says about you, you are the master of your life and nothing anyone says about you should change what you believe about yourself, or what you want to do with your life. I love this book, and the Lifetime movie was great too. I have known too many ...view middle of the document...

The whole idea behind this project was to show people that they do not have to live up those stereotypes, that they can prove others wrong if they just believe in themselves, and if they have friends and loved ones who will stand by their side. The comments Gaby’s friends, teachers and even her family made about her were very hurtful. They said things like she ruined her life, she is stupid, I knew she would end up that way because her whole family did. People stopped treating her like a person and started treating her like she was just a giant belly walking around. They would look at her belly and shake their heads or would make snide comments when she was walking by them in the hall, or they would just stare at her and stop talking when she came into a room. Some of the solutions presented when Gaby made her big reveal to the school were that no one had to accept the stereotypes, that they could choose to live their lives and prove that they were important not only to themselves but to others. Just because someone gets pregnant does not mean they won’t finish school and make meaningful contributions to society. But most importantly, if you do not have someone who will stand by you and believe in you, then believe in yourself and you can accomplish your goals.
The sociological perspective I think best applies here is symbolic interaction. This book is about labels, and fighting those labels. How can someone succeed in life if they are constantly being berated and made to feel worthless? Social interaction focuses on individual interactions between people and problems occur when we attach labels to various issues. In class we have talked a lot about labels and the impact they can have on a person. Labeling people can lower self-esteem and make a person feel worthless. This project wasn’t just about the stereotypes relating to teen pregnancy. It was also about the rumors people spread and about the statistics related to stereotypes. One of the videos Gaby showed during her presentation showed children being whispered about and left out. It also gave some possible consequences of stereotypes and rumors, such as depression, drug use, stress, violence, and even death. About 2 million...

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